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Why Honeygain Is the Side Hustler's Best App

Updated: Sep 7

We're facing challenging times: everything is changing, and we don’t even know what to expect anymore. If one’s kitchen or bedroom is also an office or gym, it's not more eyebrow-raising: these days, it's the new normal – and it's not amusing to everyone.

Researchers conclude that the 2020 pandemic is associated with highly significant levels of psychological distress. Moreover, 32 millions of Americans were unemployed, and 30–80% reported an income decrease (find more information in our blog post COVID-19: How Does It Affect Personal Finance?).

By showing us the changes in the society, these statistics remind us just how important it is to think about the best ways to generate more income and ensure financial stability. Because of this, we want to share some ways to earn extra money and prove to you that Honeygain is the best side hustler app to get free money!

Ideas that will help you earn FREE MONEY

The money you make in your regular job counts as your active income. It's usually your primary revenue stream – but that doesn't mean it has to be the only one! Passive income refers to the money you earn from a source you are not actively involved in on a daily basis. The most common forms include interest, rental, business, and capital gains income. Like Warren Buffett has once said brilliantly,

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

If you are new to Honeygain, you might not know that it is the first-ever app earning you passive income effortlessly – or, in other words, generating you free money while you go on living your life. You simply share your Internet bandwidth with the application, and its business clients (mostly companies from the Fortune 500 list!) use it for business tasks like price comparisons or ad fraud detection.

Still not sure whether you should start? Check out this blog post for more reasons!

Here's a handful of simple ideas to help you start earning passive income without any investment:

1. Get the most out of your smartphone

Has it ever crossed your mind that simply using your smartphone is enough for gathering some extra income? Well, we're certainly living in great times: having some specific apps can help you earn extra money!

Of course, this income varies depending on how much time you are willing to spend. For example, reviewing your forgotten goods back from the garage and selling them online could gather a tremendous amount but that will require time resources. If you are an office worker and like to sacrifice your 5 minutes with the coffee – try taking surveys! That is one more way to use your smartphone efficiently.

2. Invest in crypto

You might already know about crypto and its fast-growing popularity. But did you know that between 2012 and 2020, Bitcoin has grown by over 193,639%, with billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin transacted daily? And that’s only one coin – think about all the other cryptocurrencies!

The market offers huge gaining potential, don’t you think? If it sounds interesting to you too, you might want to check our blog post about the 3 ways to earn cryptocurrency – and if you still need some persuasion, here are the most mind-boggling cryptocurrency facts in one place!

3. Use Honeygain

If one of your goals is to make extra money, then you are in luck. Honeygain allows you to generate passive income effortlessly.

Let’s face it: an offers like this sounds the most beneficial. You can stay occupied with other hustles, or simply browsing the Internet, cooking, or listening to your favorite music: Honeygain works independently (with an Internet connection, of course) by simply running in the background of your device, sharing unused Internet bandwidth with the Honeygain network, and earning you free money!

🤩 8 Benefits of Honeygain 🤩

  • Effortlessness: you don't need to do any active work, unless you want to maximize your earnings by sharing your referral code and gaining 10% of each referred user’s credits!

  • Free money: using Honeygain allows you to monetize... your unused Internet traffic!

  • Earning options: you can choose get to receive your payout in free PayPal money or free cryptocurrency!

  • Security: you only share the information that's absolutely necessary for profile identification, and the app never accesses the data on your devices.

  • Simplicity: using Honeygain is straightforward, and you will not need to understand any complicated programming details. Plus, it does not slow down your Internet!

  • Bonus free time: Honeygain leaves you free to do anything you like while the app earns for you!

  • Bonus treats: By earning effortlessly, you can treat yourself with something you wouldn't normally want to spend your cash on, like gaming currency or streaming platform subscriptions!

  • Helping businesses: Sharing your bandwidth with our proxyware network helps companies detect ad fraud, protect brands, and fulfil other tasks that make the Internet a better place!

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