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What’s Behind the Low Earnings Yesterday?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

We’ve all been here: you check your Honeygain account, expecting a regular amount of credits for a day’s worth of traffic, only for the daily earnings to be unusually low. What gives?

Earnings Fluctuate Naturally

With Honeygain, it’s natural that your earnings might fluctuate from time to time. In reality, your earnings are based not on the amount of traffic your device provides to the data scientists. It’s actually based on how much the scientists need your traffic overall, thanks to that your ultimate payout number may go up or down as your traffic does as well. This is entirely normal, and that’s how the Honeygain system works.

Reasons Earnings Might Fluctuate

However, the reason your earnings might be fluctuating could be different from others’ and different from what you might read on the Reddits of the world. Let’s go over the main reasons your traffic might be less than you’re used to.

Lots of Active Honeygain Users in Your Country/Bandwidth Zone

The traffic sent through the Honeygain network can be divided into two groups:

1) The general traffic, which needs devices anywhere in the world - this type of traffic is divided among all devices everywhere.

2) The second type of traffic is location-based traffic - this type of traffic goes to users that are in a particular continent or country.

If there happened to be a lot of Honeygain users in the same region or the same internet bandwidth zone as you, chances are you’re all providing the same amount of traffic and bandwidth together. Collaboration is usually great! But in this case, it will lower how much traffic each Honeygain user brings to the table. You’re right to think everyone’s payout will be a little less, but this shouldn’t put you off to use Honeygain. We are introducing new ways to earn like Content Delivery as well as onboarding new clients to get more demand for everyone’s traffic!

Low Traffic Demand

Similarly, your shared traffic could be more moderate if you’re in a country that doesn’t have a lot of traffic demand, then your Honeygain app might not be doing a lot of work. This can happen whenever new business partners or data scientists change their targeting, but you should only really worry about it if the low traffic demand continues for a long time.

As an example, imagine the period after Christmas - everyone had bought their presents, plane tickets and did their brand protection campaigns for the year. So even the most data-hungry data scientists eventually get enough stuff that they need to work on the data they currently have before they collect more.

It might be worthwhile to wait out the momentary traffic outage. The chances are that your data will be in demand once again if it was historically. You only need to worry if your Honeygain app has never had significant traffic demand, and if it sounds like your experience, please get in touch with our support team. We will investigate this for you!

Device Type

You should also check which of your devices are being used for Honeygain at any one time. Desktops usually earn much more with our app because they have a more stable and consistent connection than even the best smartphones. It’s just a matter of hardwired connections providing better internet connectivity than Wi-Fi systems. On the other hand, mobile devices can see more demand than PCs because of ad-fraud prevention and SEO campaigns.

Overall, the rule of thumb should be - install Honeygain on all of your available devices and computers. This way, multiple traffic streams will be active at once, which all pools to your same Honeygain account. You will be able to take your smartphone with you out on the town and leave the app running back at home at the same time.

If your Honeygain earnings are a little too low for comfort, there are still several additional strategies you can employ to boost your earnings with us either temporarily or over the long-term.

The Referral System

Our generous referral system is a great way to passively and permanently add more earnings to your account. The referral program lets you invite any of your friends with a personalized link. If they sign up for our app and start using Honeygain on their devices, 10% of their daily earnings will be added to your account as a bonus!

What’s better is that this effect is cumulative, and there’s no limit to what you can earn. The more people you have adding their daily earnings to your account, the more money you make. So there’s no reason not to spread your personalized link far and wide and try to refer as many people as possible to our app! Get out there and tell everyone about the sweet money you’ve made with us.

Content Delivery

You can also somewhat eliminate the annoying nature of earning free money through your traffic. This new feature is our latest attempt to help you stabilize your monthly income from Honeygain.

The Content Delivery feature is another way to share your internet connection. In a nutshell, you can connect your desktop computer to our content delivery servers and earn extra bucks. We use your desktop computer to share your most stable internet connection for multiple kinds of bandwidth-intensive content and traffic. This is more than just raw kilobytes of traditional traffic but instead includes things like videos, audio files, images, and even things like streaming websites.

All of that juicy and data-rich traffic will travel from your desktop to our content delivery servers. Accordingly, since you’re so generous with all the big traffic you’re providing us, we’ll pay you extra. Of course, this feature is only available on desktop devices due to their unlimited data plans and solid internet connection.

Any earnings you make through the Content Delivery feature will be added to your regular Default Network Sharing earnings. It’s a flat boost to your monthly income. How much income, you ask?

We’ll give you 6 credits for every hour that your desktop is connected to our Content Delivery servers. We even have a special offer going on right now since the feature is still in beta; at this moment, the earning rate is 10 CREDITS per hour instead of 6. Now’s the best time to jump on this opportunity and make money online!


While Honeygain is a great way to earn passive income, we know that fickle or inconsistent earnings are arguably the biggest reason people get annoyed with the app. We hope this guide has helped explain why you might get temporary lower earnings and a few ways in which you can boost your income in a more permanent fashion. Thanks as always for being our busy bees!