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Safety First: Honeygain Introduces 2FA

Updated: Feb 2

We had been striving to make our platform available for everyone and safe to use. To make that happen, we have created multiple levels of fraudulent activity monitoring and added security layers for users and their earnings.

By December 1, we had introduced BTC payouts, which allows everyone around the world to use Honeygain and be sure they will be able to payout swiftly.

BTC payouts were an immediate success - by the first week over 30% of the payouts were sent to BTC wallets.

Unfortunately, after the release, we immediately noticed possible security issues with these payouts. That is why we decided to implement two-factor authentication to the payout process.

All payouts starting from the 11th of December (2020) will require the user to confirm the payout by entering a code sent to their registered email. Find more on this on our Help page.


⚠️ All of the pending BTC payouts will be canceled.

The credits will be returned to every user's account balance, and users will need to request a payout again - this time with the 2FA activated.

Security is our top priority

Emails will become more important - we suggest you take additional security measures on your end:

1) Make sure you have a difficult and updated password for both your email and your Honeygain account.

2) Use only the official Honeygain dashboard and apps.

3) Do not share your passwords with any third parties, including custom dashboards, apps etc.

Thank you for being with Honeygain and stay safe!

Honeygain Team