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Personal Finance: 15 Podcasts to Improve With

Updated: Mar 25

Did you know that, currently, there are over 850,000 active podcasts on the internet focusing on various aspects of life? Podcasts offer great conversation, entertainment, and insight. In some instances, they can change your mindset completely.

Are you an avid podcast listener looking for the perfect personal finance podcasts? Well, we have a treat for you.

Personal finance podcasts to improve with

With so many podcasts popping up daily, how do you find what you need? As a part of our personal finance series, we have put together a list of podcasts to help you on your personal finance journey. Some of the topics covered include investment, retirement, entrepreneurship, and financial growth.

1.The Dave Ramsey Show

Ever wondered how your upbringing influenced your spending, saving, and investing patterns?

Well, The Dave Ramsey Show seeks to identify and connect different aspects of your life and your personal finance. Even though Dave doesn't host all the shows, the quality and wholesomeness stay the same. And as an added bonus, you will find a ton of free tools and resources, from retirement calculators to home buyers guides.

2. Stacking Benjamins

If you have no idea how to invest for retirement, then the Stacking Benjamins podcast is perfect for you. You get to learn about:

  • The investment world

  • Homeownership

  • Making money

  • Budgeting for the future

The show has been around since 2012 and hopes to keep making the topic of financial independence interesting, and fun.

3. The Fairer Cents

The Fairer Cents was created to empower women on matters concerning money, investments, and personal finance. The show strives to enhance economic equality by discussing the economic issues that disproportionately affect women, people of color, and non-binary people. So if you want to make your financial dreams a reality, give this a listen and let us know how it works out.

4. ChooseFI

Financial independence does not just happen. You have to make deliberate choices and align your behavior to your goals. The ChooseFI podcast will help you accelerate your journey towards financial freedom. The hosts Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett, offer insights on the FIRE movement and tips to optimize your finances.

5. Clever Girls Know

Are you looking for another financial resource for women? The Clever Girls Know podcast will be a great addition to your listening list. Topics span from money in relationships to developing an abundance mindset (something we can all do with). As an added treat, you can check out the clever girl finance books, youtube channel and take some of their online courses.

6. $100 MBA

If you are thinking of starting a business, try and answer the following questions, will you?

  • What business should you start?

  • How will you find the right business partner?

  • How much should you spend on marketing?

Tough questions, right?

The $100 MBA podcast is a series of real-world business lessons from various entrepreneurs and industry experts. Their priceless experience and advice can help you tackle a myriad of issues when running your startup.

7. Mixergy with Andrew Warner

Starting your own business takes you a step closer to attaining financial freedom. Did you know that 20% of new businesses fail within the first year while 45% fail within the first five years? The Mixergy podcast is all about starting and growing a business. It features seasoned entrepreneurs and offers insights into their journeys, mistakes, and all. You will have access to insights, interviews, and courses from the founders of great enterprises such as Pixar, Linked In, Wikipedia, and much more.

8. The College Investor

As a college graduate, you are probably trying to get your career off the ground. However, this is not an excuse to put off investing for the future. The College Investor by Robert Farrington can help you learn the fundamentals of investing and building wealth and how to make your side hustle a full-scale business.

9. Planet Money by NPR

Planet money makes conversations about the economy a lot more interesting through the use of storytelling. It is a lot more appealing to learn how the economy works through example and playful wording. Plus, it's not just a lecture on the economy, you will learn how different parts of everyday life (including movies) contribute to the economy.

10. Brown Ambition

To finish up our list of personal finance podcasts, we take a look at Brown ambition. This podcast offers practical advice on personal finance. As an added bonus, you will find information on relationships, setting boundaries, and even take a peek at their analysis of the princess diaries. You will get Career advice, personal finance tips, mortgage, and life-work balance.

11. How to Money

How to money is one of the best personal finance podcasts around. The hosts talk about money over beer. The podcast has an easy vibe and less jargon or complex financial stuff.

The point of the podcast is to provide people with money-saving tips and advice. They focus on investing, debt reduction, money tricks, and taxes.

12. You Need a Budget

If you need to learn how to budget, then the You Need a Budget(YNAB) podcast is perfect for you. It runs on the belief that:

If you gain control of your money, you gain control of your life and it feels great.

You can use their budgeting software to get out of debt, save more money, and get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

13. 15 Minute Financial Advisor

If you are looking for short, fast, personal finance advice, then this is it for you. This podcast offers you a step-by-step approach to various financial issues, what action points you should take.

The podcast is well researched and cut into bite sizes for easy consumption. You can get professional and helpful information on your way to work.

14. Afford Anything

The Afford Anything podcast runs on one idea: You can afford anything, but not everything. This idea pushes you to think about two things

  • How you can make smarter decisions about your money, time, and life.

  • How you can align your behaviors and habits with the lifestyle you want.

The podcast is accompanied by an array of blog posts, ebooks, youtube videos, and courses to help you make smarter financial decisions and improve your life.

15. Side Hustle Pro

Do you have a side hustle? Do you want to turn it into a full-scale business?

The Side Hustle Pro is a podcast hosted by Nicaila Matthews, talks about following your passion and making it into more than something you do on the side.

As an added bonus, you can learn how to create your own HIT podcast. The show works closely with emerging podcasters helping them grow their influence and build a profitable podcasting business.

Personal finance podcasts can help you form opinions, grow your business, make investments and improve your finances. Hopefully, our list will help you find the right footing and some great insights.

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