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How Our PayPal Payouts Are Done? Step by Step Instructions

Updated: Jan 7

You have successfully installed the money-making app - Honeygain, set it to work, reached the payout threshold, and all you have left is to receive a payout. Even though the payout process might seem simple, we figured we would give you a thorough explanation of how the payout proceeds so you can receive your earned payout with no worries involved.

Four Steps to Follow

Step 1: Make Sure You Are Ready for a Payout

With Honeygain, you earn credits before converting them into actual dollars. That is, for 10MB of traffic, you earn one credit. So, 10 credits then equal to 0.01USD. The minimum payout is 20 USD (20 000 credits). Therefore, if the payout button is unavailable for you just yet, make sure to check if you have already obtained the required number of credits. If not - simply continue using the app and reach the minimum amount!

Step 2: Get an Invitation Letter

Once you qualify for the payout, send a request by simply clicking on the payout button. Your email will then enter our payout list. We'll proceed by entering your information to Tipalti - our preferred payment processing platform. Afterwards, you'll get an invitation email from Tipalti, so make sure to click on the given link.

As your payout request is checked internally and then forwarded to Tipalti, your invitation letter might come on the same or the next business day. We are also conducting internal fraud checks that, in some cases, require additional time to be processed. This could force a further delay for you to get an invitation. If your invitation is late, check if your registration email on the Honeygain Dashboard is correct. Without an invitation, you will not be able to claim your payout.

Step 3: Register to Our Payout System

As you open the link, you will be redirected to our payout system's registration page. Simply enter your email, create a password, and follow security regulations.

TIP: our Honeygain registration email address does not need to match with your Paypal email!

Once you have registered to the system, enter your payment details, as shown in this picture.

Tipalti will also run its additional risk checks to determine if a payee is qualifiable for the payment (if a payee is related to any blocked users and/or there are several accounts linked to the same payment method details). If you do not get validation from Tipalti, your payment will be dismissed, and you will be contacted by email.

Step 4: Receive Your Payout

Once you’ve successfully submitted your PayPal payment details to the Tipalti system, you can be sure to receive a payout as fast as possible. Usually, it will take 2 working days to receive your payment. In case of payment failure, you will get a notifying email right away with detailed information for further steps.

Payout Issues

Most users that notify us about not getting a payout were simply ignoring either the Tipalti invitation or the PayPal Payment Claim email. Without an invitation or Claiming the payment through the Claim email, you will not be able to receive your payment, don’t miss out on them and check your email inbox!

TIP: when you get the PayPal Payment Claim email, simply click the Claim button, that’s it!

Additionally, PayPal might put the payout on hold for a certain time. This could be done due to major security reasons on PayPal’s end and are not controlled by Honeygain. In this case, you will be notified right away, and the payout may be on hold for over a week. In this case, please contact the PayPal Help Center directly.

To Conclude

Before you receive a payment for your shared traffic, make sure you keep track of your credits. As the minimum amount of the payout is 20 USD (20 000 credits), you have to make sure you have the required minimum amount of credits to convert.

Once you qualify for a payout, your payment button will become available, and you’ll be able to send a request. After we receive a request, you’ll be sent an invitation to register to Tipalti. And, after successful registration, enter your PayPal details. Don’t worry if your PayPal email doesn’t match with the email you entered to register to Honeygain; this is not a necessity.

If your payout is late - check your email, you might need to Claim the payout, or it might be on hold due to security reasons. Other than that, enjoy your easy and care-free payout!