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How It All Started – the Story of Honeygain

Updated: 1 day ago

Hi all! This post will be the first edition of our blog – a new channel to greet and stay in contact with our users as well as educate them on how Honeygain and the proxyware industry work.

This and all the following blog posts will hopefully help answer the most important questions for all of you. Questions like how to earn the most, where and how the connection is used, what devices can be used, what strategies can be implemented, and much more.

Now, let's kick things off with our story. Honeygain.

The Idea

The idea for Honeygain was born a year ago, in 2018. The shared economy business model allowed us to develop a transparent network of incentivized members who would help the web intelligence and similar network businesses.

We were not only familiar with the industry, but we understood that the main goal for our idea to succeed was to involve people who would like to get money and care about how to make the most of their bandwidth. Secondly, we wanted to make it an opportunity to gain free money for a global audience, with as few exceptions as possible. We immediately put some rough numbers together, and we decided to give it a shot!

Within a few weeks, we invited a dozen people to participate in the development of the next big thing - Honeygain! Everyone on the team worked tirelessly on this project with the hope that one-day Honeygain could become something more significant.

By the end of 2018, we already had constructed a clear path for Honeygain, crystallized its development strategy, and also secured the initial funding, which allowed us to start the development without any delays.

Honeygain Story - The Idea

The Team

In the beginning, our team was small but full of enthusiastic people. We started out with 5 team members, and we've attracted new talents to help us. We are all excited to make Honeygain a great product, and we want to invest our time in developing this game-changing application.

We're an international team working on Honeygain with different backgrounds, so everyone brings something interesting to the table.

Nonetheless, we are so proud of our team! Everyone at Honeygain is hugely enthusiastic about the project, which seems to be the reason why it got launched in under 5 months! Also, having such an international team not only gives us exposure worldwide but also allows us to have an environment of healthy feedback from within the team.

The Development

We've started developing Honeygain back in January 2019 on two development tracks simultaneously: backend and legal. The goal here was to focus on our users' peace of mind. We needed to develop a secure platform where breaches would not be possible, and our network could not be used for unverified purposes.

At the same time, it was necessary to protect our users legally, set proper regulations for fair use, and provide the most comprehensive protection for our clients.

After we were ready with the foundations, we prioritized on launching Honeygain as soon as possible. This lead to a finished Android app by May 24th, 2019, which we launched the same day. We got a lot of attention from users immediately! Sites like Product Hunt were soon talking about Honeygain. That made Honeygain grow even faster and in just a couple of days, we saw the downloads jump to 10K!

Soon after the launch, we introduced a referral system. It helped to escalate the growth of the app. Then came the Windows app, social networks, fraud protection, device management, and many more features under the hood.

The rapid growth was unexpected. We tried celebrating every milestone – the first 100K, 200K, 500K users. We couldn't keep up with acquiring new business partners with more traffic, all of the traffic would be immediately taken by the amounts of new users that joined our platform (that might have been a bit difficult to anticipate). But we are still rapidly growing every day.

This whole story leads us to where we are now – with millions of Honeygainers from almost every country in the world. Crazy!

Honeygain Story - The Development

The Future

We are very proud of how fast was the growth of Honeygain, and we want to retain this dynamic. We will continue introducing new blog posts, more payout options, and better support for our users! We want every user to understand the use cases behind Honeygain as clearly as possible, so stay tuned for new blog posts. All of this effort and growth will culminate in more users that can trust Honeygain and the underlying residential proxy business and turn out to the most crucial thing for our users – more traffic.

The traffic supply moves in a cycle – as more users join, our team can get more clients and also more traffic. Then even more users join, and we once again get more traffic. We will do our best to grow the traffic steadily, without the mid-cycle part - that is when the amount of traffic can't keep up with user growth.

The plans for the future are clear: we will scale Honeygain! Add more users, acquire more traffic, and continue moving further to become a go-to-place for anyone who wants to start earning passively!

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