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How is Location Important for My Earnings?

Updated: Mar 24

Honeygain’s passive earnings are nothing to sneeze at. But you may have noticed if you’ve taken Honeygain on a vacation or business trip, that your earnings can vary a little from place to place.

We get it. Even with passive income, you want to know where your money is coming from and why. Of course, you do! It’s only natural to want to keep track of your finances as closely as possible. So those location differences, from where you live, to where you vacation, can seem frustrating at first. But there is a simple reason for the fluctuations in what you earn. Let’s get to it!

Why Location Matters

With Honeygain, you’re essentially getting paid for your internet traffic. Just like any commodity, there is supply and demand on our end.

Some of our business clients will take advantage of location-specific traffic, but in fact, it has a rather low impact on Honeygain users’ earnings. Location-specific traffic, when you’re at a new coffee shop in town or visiting family in the countryside, won’t make much difference to your traffic’s overall value - what changes in those cases might be your IP address (hence the higher earnings).

But the number of people providing data in any given country can have a significant impact on your earnings. If, for instance, we have a flood of new users in India, traffic rates in that country may decrease for a while. Our team of experts will work to re-balance supply and demand, bringing your income back up as quickly as possible. In other words, we will balance out the hive, so everyone gets rewarded equally.

If we have sustained unexpected growth in a single country, it may take a little longer to sort everything out. That’s just because, in those circumstances, we’ll be managing our algorithms manually instead of automatically. Why manually? Because usually, balancing involves interacting with our business partners, which can increase traffic demand, and we want to make sure we’re giving you the very best returns possible for using our app. That means we need a human touch to monitor the situation and make user-centric changes.

But What About the Day-to-Day Fluctuation in My Earnings?

You may be saying, well, that’s all well and good, but what about the changes that happen day-to-day? If you track your Honeygain income daily, you will notice that there are some day-to-day changes in the number of credits you earn for your internet traffic. That is normal and all part of the system. Just like the impact from location, your day-to-day earnings are calculated in part on a supply and demand basis.

Not all of our users are sending us traffic every single day. On low-user days, your traffic is worth more since we share traffic evenly over the user base. There’s less supply to feed the same demand. On days when more Honeygainers are online or when they are supplying quality internet connection, there’s more supply, and you’ll earn fewer credits.

Since we primarily get home and mobile IP addresses, that can sometimes mean that your traffic is more valuable through the workweek or certain low-use hours of the day. But, of course, these patterns are always changing.

Rest assured, our team is always working to balance the system. We want to make sure you’re getting the full value of being a part of our family, and we also want everyone to be paid fairly. We’re constantly balancing and re-balancing the system, accounting for new users and for users who aren’t actively sending traffic.

The Referral Program

Since we sincerely want you to make the most money possible, and we know that there is some fluctuation in our system, we’ve also introduced a Referral program to help you earn more.

The Referral system is simple. Send your unique referral code to your friends. If they accept the referral code and start using Honeygain, they will get $5 to their account, and you’ll earn 10% of their earnings on top of your own. Better, it’s all utterly passive income. You won’t be asking your friends to do anything they wouldn’t normally do. Just like you, all they need to do is use the internet on devices registered with Honeygain, and allow Honeygain to access their internet connection.

So, for example, if you have 10 referrals and they collectively earn $50 in a month, you’ll earn $5. Free, passive income for you. Free, passive income for your friends. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? We thought so too.

What is Honeygain?

If you aren’t already familiar with the Honeygain system, it’s beyond simple. When you use the internet daily, in fact, you don’t use or access all the bandwidth, and it just sits in the background. But internet traffic is highly valuable to global companies looking to conduct their daily tasks online.

For example, it’s used for market research and aids in the creation of better products and services. Or, take travel fare aggregator websites that pull a vast amount of data scattered across all web and display it under one roof for consumers’ convenience. Not to forget that global companies daily engage in SEO activities online in order to rank higher within search engines and reach their audience. The list goes on.

Hence, the Honeygain network is truly valued amongst our business partners. And, for that, we say huge thank you for our Honeygainers all around the world! Without you, nothing would be possible.

That’s why we believe that people should be paid for their internet traffic fairly. We also believe in making sure that Honeygain is a trustworthy and responsible service for all involved. Since businesses are positively impacting their bottom lines with Honeygain, we think our valued Honeygainers deserve to get a slice of the pie too. Rest assured, that’s at the top of our list, and always have been.

Those two things shared profit, and responsibility led to the creation of Honeygain. If you want to learn more about us, and our start, take a look at our first ever blog post, it’s all about how Honeygain got started.

Taking a step further

We’re committed to responsible use. We know that our business partners are going to get internet traffic one way or another, but we created a network with the help of our Honeygainers, which benefits everyone involved. Since we vet our clients, we also give big brands a reason to be responsible when using our Honeygain’s network.

If they want access to our network of more than 1.5 million users (and counting), they need to use internet traffic in reasonable, safe, and responsible ways. And, our team behind the scenes are making sure this is always on point! Everyone wants to make the world a better place. At Honeygain, we firmly believe that taking control of your internet use and spreading the gains for that use is one way to make the world better. Might sound cliche, but sharing is caring!

Last thoughts

We covered a lot of ground in this one, so let’s go over it all once more. Your location matters for your earnings because the value of your traffic depends on the local (nationwide) supply. While our supply and demand can change, leading to changes in the traffic rate, we’re always working in the background to re-balance and make sure you’re getting the most money possible for having the Honeygain app turned on!

One way to bring more consistency to your income is to invite friends to join you, using our Referral program. 10% of their lifetime earnings will reach your account! Not bad at all, right?

Most importantly, we care about making sure your traffic is used responsibly and that you share in the passive income it generates. We always keep you and your friends anonymous, as well as we vet each business client before they can get access to the Honeygain’s network.

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