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How Honeygain Helps You to Save Up On Watching Movies Online?

Enjoying movie Fridays or prefer getting into one TV show? Let’s be honest, we all have been there when TV pop-ups questions if you are still there. Yes, Netflix, do not embarrass me. I have been watching these episodes since the morning.

Good old classic movie, or new release - deserves to be watched in high quality with a good sound, and if you are not a native movie language speaker, with correct subtitles. That lead thousand, or millions of people to get their monthly subscriptions in such movie streaming platforms as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. In a 2018 survey was found that 85% of U.S internet users watch video content online. Some great numbers, right?

Another interesting fact - Since the worldwide pandemic that kept people spending more time indoors, Netflix itself noticed significant growth during the first half of 2020—adding 26 million subscribers.

Unfortunately, a theater-like experience is paid.

Some people in the Reddit community offer to do a video call while your friend is in the cinema, or while watching a movie in his house - but let’s check on some ways to save up for watching movies on paid online platforms.

TL;DR Everyone wants to have high-quality watching movies and tv shows or to watch them whenever they want. Although it costs some amount of money too. Check this list of tips to save up:

4 ways to save up for watching paid movies online

1. Split premium account with friends, housemates, or family members.

If you are sharing the house with your friends or even family members - financially, it would be much more beneficial joining the budget for a monthly subscription. Likewise, Netflix allows you to join the plan with multiple accounts. And let’s be honest, it is almost not worth paying for multiple different plans as you are living in one household.

2. Downgrade the account subscription.

Some monthly subscriptions with the upgrade plan occur to be with multiple users/screens and HD streaming versions. Consider how much theater-like experience with high-quality streaming is essential to you? It might possibly do not change a lot though, at the end of the year, it would save a substantial amount of money.

3. If you have, consider giving up on a TV license.

Are you only using online platforms to stream movies & tv shows but also having a TV license, just in case you want to check on one TV show there? Taking this into consideration could add up a solid amount of savings. After all, many TV shows stream online and tv channels start having their sites with showed media there. A great tip to think about, right?

4. Use Honeygain to cover your subscription expanses.

Last, but not least. Honeygain application. It only depends on you, how much you can increase your earnings. Adding more devices (tip: not only a smartphone, try your computer!) could help you to increase your earnings. Besides, having a wide circle of acquaintances and inviting them to use your referral code, not only will give them an instant $5 but also you will get 10% from their earnings.


  • The effortless way to earn monthly $15-$20. Optionally could cover not only one video/movies/music streaming platform! (Netflix, Twitch, Spotify)

  • Simple to use. Once you sign up and download the application, there is nothing to worry about. Honeygain just simply generates your earnings.

  • 2 ways of withdrawing the payout: to your BTC, or PayPal.

  • Your money is safe. Once you reach the minimum payout limit ($20), after the request from your side the process follows up with a confirmation code request on your emails as well as 2FA.

Attention: From 2021, Netflix subscription price is expected to increase.

Expected date: February (for existing users)

You'll be given a month's notice before the price rise kicks in.

On Netflix you have 3 different plans: Basic $8.99/month; from February will stay the same. Standard $12.99/month; from February $13.99 (11% increase)

Premium $15.99/month; from February $17.99 (17% increase)

Therefore, Netflix is not the only streaming service that’s going for a price increase. Disney+ has announced that it will higher up prices. Expected date - 2021 spring.

If you do not want to increase your expenses and taking care of your personal finances & budget - try to follow the listed points above.

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