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How Honeygain Helps Travel Fare Aggregators

Updated: 1 day ago

These days, the economy is shifting. People are moving more and more towards a gig-based economy. Even those who are still in corporate jobs have many side hustles to pick up extra money. These passive income opportunities serve as a means of saving for travel vacations, gifts, and other luxury items.

This article will teach you about travel fare aggregation and how to create a passive income opportunity via the Honeygain app. By the end, you will know what travel fare aggregation is, how it works, and how to leverage the Honeygain app to your advantage!

What is travel fare aggregation?

Firstly, aggregation websites search for deals across a variety of other sites and display the results in a single space. This allows you to compare the rates from across the web on a convenient website instead of having to hunt down individual prices for yourself.

Travel fare aggregation is when the travel industry creates this type of website to help you compare airfare, hotel, and rental car pricing. These sites will help their users find the best possible rates from all the results they found on the web.

How does travel fare aggregation work?

Travel aggregators pull data from multiple sources and display them in a single area. A travel fare aggregation site will allow users to see a variety of rates across multiple sources from a single search query. In other words, they are the search engines of the travel industry.

Firstly, the travel sites need to figure out what they want to include and aggregate on their websites. Many of them focus on a specific area of travel, but some of them allow users to run separate searches for flights, hotels, car rentals, or even a search for an all-inclusive package.

Once the focus is set, it's time to fetch all the relevant data from across the internet. This is arguably the most critical part of the travel fare site. A travel fare aggregator that doesn't bring all the relevant data will quickly fail. And, aggregating the data happens through web scraping practice, also known as web extraction. Several tools are employed by travel fare aggregators to make this process easier.

These tools are designed to comb through the web and extract all the relevant data, collecting it to the database. This allows travel fare aggregators to turn unstructured data into a list that can be displayed on their website for consumers’ convenience.

Honeygain app: ultimate win!

The Honeygain app allows you to leverage your unused internet by turning your device into a gateway. Basically, you enable businesses to use a small part of your internet traffic, which will allow data scientists to do market research and intelligence collection. The Honeygain's network is utilized for brand protection campaigns, monitor SEO data, deliver content, verify ads, and much more. And, for that, you get sweet cash in your pocket!

When it comes to travel fare aggregators, this situation is a real win-win for both you and their sites. Not only are you being paid for your unused internet traffic, but you could benefit even further, as you directly help travel fare aggregators to display the best possible deals on their sites. This means that when you want to book your next vacation, you can use these travel fare aggregation sites to find the lowest possible rates, thanks to you contributing to the Honeygain's network!

The Honeygain's network allows travel fare aggregators to collect real-time travel data from across a variety of sources online. And, there is a massive amount of data that needs to be collected each day. Thousands of travel sites across the globe are updating their rates every single day of the year. On top of the rate changes, the data also changes to reflect flight bookings, which happen every minute! In a nutshell, that's how the Honeygain network helps travel fare aggregators.


Because it benefits both travel fare aggregators and the Honeygain app users, our solution is a win-win. For travel fare aggregators, Honeygain's proxyware network provides a gateway that allows them to collect massive amounts of data in real-time. For the Honeygainers, it is an excellent source of passive income. With the added bonus of not doing anything to earn money. Just install the application, turn it on, and count bucks! Also, discover those further savings when you are booking your next holiday, thanks to you being part of the Honeygain community.

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