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Honeygain Wraps Up The Year 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

A couple of weeks ago, your social media feeds were probably flooded with various 2022 wrap-ups. You may have wondered while looking at them — how was the year for Honeygain? Stop pondering; we got you covered!

Join us on our journey through the previous year’s most significant wins. Not to spoil what lies ahead, but 2022 was an amazing and productive year. Yet, Honeygain could have achieved none of these victories without you!

Partnership With JumpTask

We started the previous year with a bang! Just two weeks into 2022, Honeygain struck up a partnership with JumpTask. The new friendship proved valuable since, throughout the year, 1.2 million of you had switched to JumpTask mode. Yes, you’ve read that right — 1.2 million! A 10% bonus to your earnings and no payout thresholds are the way to go. Also, is there a better way to dabble in crypto without investing? We don’t think so.

Referral Contest

animated bee holding earbuds next to a gift box full of electronics

Honeygain’s referral system is about as old as the app itself. To spice things up, we launched the marvelous Referral Contest with a prize pool worth $10,000. Having referrals is profitable, but the fever to get prizes on the side was running wild. So wild that the news about the contest spread throughout the internet and brought in almost 3 million new users to enjoy Honeygain!

Celebrity Status

The explosive expansion of our user base launched Honeygain into stardom. While there were no red carpets or flashing lights, we got noticed by some of the biggest creators on YouTube. Namely, Mrwhosetheboss, Donut Media, and New Rockstars. They have almost 24 million subscribers, and they featured us in their videos! You know the app is fantastic when such big names talk about it.

Content Delivery Expansion

Our Content Delivery feature got closer to worldwide availability. Three new countries had appeared on the Content Delivery map — Moldova, Israel, and Georgia. This is a sign of things to come, as we do not intend to stop expanding any time soon. With strolls like the one in 2022, bigger earnings will be available to everyone in no time!

Communities On The Rise

five bees with different clothing and accessories

Here at Honeygain, we always strive to create a sense of community between all of you. With official communities available on nearly every social network, it seems to be working. In total, the count of members there reached 140,000. In other words, that is an increase of 44.2%! It is lovely to see you all help each other, engage in friendly conversations, and participate in various contests. How about an even bigger increase this year? Invite your friends to the party — it’s worth it in every sense of the word.

Trusted By Millions

Users value trust in every product or service they use. After all, who would bother with something that does not deliver on its promises? When it comes to Honeygain, the numbers speak for themselves. Throughout the year, we kept a 4.5/5 score and got over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot! This clearly indicates that you trust us, which is especially important. Thank you for all the positive feedback. It motivates us massively to go above and beyond!

What a year! It started with a massive milestone yet never sizzled out. With determination and your support, we reached a lot! Now we will have to wait and see what this year will bring. Let’s make it even better together — there is only so much we can do without help from all of you!

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