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Honeygain vs. Clicking Ads

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

If you are looking for easy ways of earning free money online, you are in luck! In this article, we will discuss two ways to make bucks on the side. First is Honeygain, which is an application that allows you to get free money once you enable it to access your unused internet connection, as well as earn extra by inviting your friends to join the ever-growing Honeygainers community. Secondly, clicking ads, which is when you get paid every time you click on advertisers’ online ads.

All you need to earn money by these methods is a computing device (a smartphone will do), a stable internet connection, and an online payment account to cash out your money. Let’s get more in-depth on these two methods and compare them with each other!

More on clicking ads

Clicking ads is a technique whereby websites buy visits instead of generating these visits organically. Therefore, thanks to this, businesses can reach their potential target audiences faster. In short, when users click on the ad, they get paid for it.

Pros of clicking ads

With clicking ads, your earning potential varies depending on the platform, but it usually is about $0.01 to $0.02 per click. That said, some websites can pay from $0.05 to $0.10 per click. Additionally, the payment is flexible; thus, you can get paid across various electronic payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payza, and Paytoo.

Cons of clicking ads

To make money with clicking ads, you need to set some time aside to visit these Paid To Click (PTC) sites and start clicking on different ads. So, you are required to put a considerable amount of effort into researching and signing up for the websites. Also, let’s not forget the effort and time spent daily on clicking ads to earn bucks in the first place. Also, typically, sites implement rather steep minimum payout limits. Something to take into account.

What is Honeygain?

The Honeygain app creates a gateway network that is used by businesses for ad verification, travel fare aggregation, market research, and so on. The Honeygain gateway network is essential for data-driven enterprises when conducting day-to-day online tasks, and benefits consumers in the best products and services, at the best price.

Pros of Honeygain

For users to make money using the Honeygain app, all they need to do is download and install the application from the Honeygain website. After that, users are not expected to do anything. Well, other than allowing the app to use the internet connection as a proxy. And, for that, users get free money! To add, Honeygain has a generous referral system in place. A referee will get 10% of the daily invited users’ earnings. In short, invite more users and earn significant bucks!

Making money on Honeygain does not vary according to the number of hours you set aside to do a particular task. Instead, it depends on the duration you allow the app to run. Also, the number of devices that have Honeygain installed and the number of different networks/IPs they are connected to at any point in time.

Cons of Honeygain

Your earning potential on Honeygain usually depends on your internet speed and latency, as well as your country’s traffic demand. But, rest assured, there are many testimonials online of people earning from $20 per month on a single device to over $100 per month with dozens of devices connected. What you should note is that the minimum payout sum is $20 (somewhat reasonable). Although, presently, you can withdraw your earnings only through PayPal (we are working to introduce more payment channels, so stay tuned).

Clicking ads vs. Honeygain: Which is superior?

Having read the article, you now know of the differences between clicking ads and Honeygain as ways of making money online. Therefore, you are in a better position to see that Honeygain, without a doubt, is the better alternative to clicking ads since you are not required to put any effort into getting free money. Additionally, with Honeygain, it is easy to scale up and make some serious bucks by taking advantage of the referral system or adding more devices.