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Honeygain Introduces BTC Payouts

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Let’s agree, 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Besides the pandemic, or most popular election of the decade, did you know that it was a year of a new era of cryptocurrencies? Yes, you understood it right. Nevertheless, the confusion and fear within the air, we have a tremendous highlight of 2020:

Bitcoin regained $16k - almost double in the last 12 months! (Some say that by 2030 will reach $400k... So, you do the math if it’s worth investing in it…)

We are entering a new era of digital payments. And, of course, you already heard about cryptocurrencies and would agree that it is the currency of 21 century (if not yet, for sure will be very soon).

What does it mean?

Times are changing, world economies adapt to nowadays as well, but do you? If no so, let’s say that it’s about time. Remember when at first cryptocurrencies and primer Bitcoin idea sounded like huge complexed infrastructure?

And then one wonders why all platforms needed to integrate this infrastructure? Undoubtedly, constantly growing interest and trust, an easier approach worldwide affected the market - even countries are having its crypto. It is only a question of time until all the businesses and world economies will support BTC by 100%.

One more reason to start earning income with Honeygain

By the end of 2020, Honeygain announces a new payout method - BTC wallet payments. Up until now, Honeygain offered a single way for receiving payouts - getting free PayPal money to their PayPal account. Unfortunately, PayPal accounts are not available in some countries. This is why the introduction of BTC payouts was a natural step for Honeygain. BTC payouts are not country-restricted and truly allows anyone to join the Honeygain web intelligence network.

With BTC payouts, we’re introducing an alternative to bitcoin mining itself. Users can earn BTC, without powerful devices - getting free cryptocurrency for running the Honeygain app and being part of the crowdsourced web intelligence network. That is the easiest way to earn bitcoin ever known!

Getting free bitcoin cash from Honeygain can literally help you to start investing in cryptocurrencies effortlessly. Alternatively, with your earned free bitcoin and some micro-investment ideas, you can start creating wealth and making even more passive income smartly!

How it works

If you are a current Honeygain user, you already know how to proceed with the payout. In terms of cashing out free crypto - there is no difference:

  1. Once you reach the required amount, request the payout via the BTC payment method.

  2. Within two business days, Honeygain will proceed with your payment of $20+ in BTC to your wallet.

  3. Use the free bitcoin cash for purchases, investments, transactions, or anything else.

Alternatively, if you are still somehow not a Honeygain user (really?). You will have to download the app.

Honeygain is an application, providing an opportunity to earn money passively for anyone. It is considered the best passive income app compared to all similar networking-based solutions.

First of all, if you follow Honeygain’s publications, social media, you already know - we respect Privacy and Security. On top of that, cryptocurrencies are secure payments: transactions, requests, and all the purchases made via cryptocurrency are safe, as long as you have access to the BTC wallet. Additionally, no bank account needed to receive cryptocurrency - only an internet connection. Along with no requirements of bank fees of transactions and etc.

Still in doubt if you want to earn cryptocurrency with Honeygain?

There is no doubt that BitCoin’s value has increased tremendously since the beginning. And by 2020, there are 1000+ active cryptocurrencies with over $550 billion value, to which you can invest! Earn bitcoin with Honeygain, request $20+ payment to your BTC wallet, and start generating smart passive income.

Need help to open a BTC wallet?

Do not have a BTC wallet yet? Here we found a great platform that may help you to find out which BTC wallet is the most relatable. Check it out here:

- Choose your wallet

Also, you can get your free bitcoins from Honeygain on these BTC wallets:


As for any BTC wallet, on Bitgo you must create it using some of your personal information. Further steps might require more approval of your identity.

Bitgo wallet Security:

  • Multi-signature security

  • 3-key management


To start a Payeer wallet you will only need your email address. Although, you will be asked to complete your profile with your name, surname, and country.


Set of 4 passwords

❗️Honeygain does not correspond to currency changes within the market and possible adjustments of crypto.

More to investigate - Did you know that there was a myth that Honeygain is a BTC mining app? (clearly, that is not true!)

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