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6 Ways To Get Paid To Read Emails In 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

Despite being a relatively old technology, emails are still used for communication, business deals, and advertising. We know that you receive one or more newsletters each week or even each day.

Most of us simply skip through those ignoring them completely. But did you know that you can get paid to read emails such as those? If it sounds too good to be true, check out our picks for 6 legitimate sites where you can get paid to read emails!

Table of Contents

Fusion Cash


Paid To Read Email

Inbox Dollars


Unique Rewards

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a legit site that pays you to read emails, play games, watch videos, and do other small tasks online.

Right off the bat, you get paid a $5 signup bonus just for registering, giving you a nice start on your journey to make money. Considering that besides earning to read emails, you can also opt-in for a variety of other different tasks, it makes it one of the easiest ways to make money online.

On this site, the feature that gives you extra cash for reading emails is called "Daily Cash Emails." After you sign up and go for it, you will start receiving emails from advertisers that work together with Fusion Cash. On a daily basis, you will receive around one to three emails, and just by opening them, you will earn cash quickly. Ain’t that an easy way to make money?

email paper message envelope

As for other activities that are available there, you can get daily rewards for taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and taking part in other small side hustles. Also, you do not earn points there like on other similar websites but get actual money.

The site also offers a referral bonus. This means that by inviting your friends to join, you would get a bit of extra cash. That is $1 for referrals that confirm their email address, $2 for each referral that completes their first offer, and a hefty $5 bonus when your referral pays out. This system in itself can be considered a viable method to make money for yourself.

However, you do need to be at least 13 years old in order to sign up. If you are under the age of 18, you would need your parents' permission for registration. But since nothing harmful is being done there, there should not be any issues with it, even if you are one of our younger readers wishing to make money quickly!

The payout threshold on this site that pays you to read emails is $15. After you reach it, you can request a direct deposit, receive your payout in PayPal cash, or convert your rewards to a gift card.

This is a great money-making site with multiple ways to earn, including reading emails! Needless to say, it is completely free to use. Join now and start making money!


MyPoints is another website where you get paid to read emails, alongside other online activities such as completing surveys, getting engaged in shopping online, and watching videos.

Just as with Fusion Cash mentioned just above, you will get a signup bonus. However, MyPoints offers an even bigger signup bonus. Here, it is the whole $10! As for the referral bonus system, you get 25 points for each referral that signs up using your link, and you also get 10% of your referrals' earnings, allowing you to make money even quicker and with less effort.

Considering the email reading part, this website uses a feature called "Bonus Mail," on which you get paid to simply open the emails that you are receiving, and you can earn even more by making a purchase via online shopping.

Of course, making purchases online is not required (since you make money reading emails, not shopping) but considering that you get some rewards for doing so, it could make MyPoints a little bit similar to some cashback apps.

The minimum payout limit on this website depends on the payment method that you choose.

email message loudspeaker alert envelope

That being said, if you choose to go for an Amazon gift card, the payout threshold is just a mere $3. However, if you decide to go for a more flexible approach and pay out using PayPal cash, you would need to accumulate at least $25.

With that in mind, gift cards and PayPal are the only payout methods available on this site. But, since PayPal cash can be used nearly anywhere, there is no issue with that, in our opinion.

Another limit to have in mind is that you would need to be at least 13 years old in order to participate and make money in this get paid to read emails website. Besides that, you would need to be from the United States. Other than that, work from home with this website, and extra income will come to you.

All in all, despite the minimum payout being, on paper, rather large, especially if you go in for the PayPal payment method, the amount of activities you get paid for besides reading emails on this website is well worth the effort!

Paid To Read Email

No, this is not some mistake on our side. Paid To Read Email is indeed one of the legitimate sites where you... well... get paid to read emails.

Despite the very specific name, reading emails is not the one and only way to get some extra income: it offers you also to do some other tasks (such as completing surveys) and get paid some extra money online there. However, the focus is on reading emails. Still, though, having some variety is a good way to keep you interested!

The payment system on Paid To Read Email is quite unique. Here you get paid points or cash, depending on the tasks you take and the emails you read. This means that for some tasks, you will earn points, and 100 points are the same as $1.

As for the getting paid to read emails part, you would receive somewhere from $0.01 to $0.10 for each email you read (as mentioned previously, for some, you will earn points instead of real money). However, it should be noted that just merely opening the email that you receive via this site is not enough. Most of the emails there are interactive, meaning you would need to do some actions on them to get paid for reading emails.

money payment money bag coins

The website is free to use, and you can start earning in three easy steps: register to the website, start reading emails that were assigned to you, and, finally, collect your rewards! You get a signup bonus of $3 right away, and if you choose to try out the referral system, you will get 15% of your referrals' earnings as a bonus. Though the sign-up bonus, needless to say, is provided only once, the earnings from your referrals will drip into your account for as long as they are active. Thus, you should not wait and start to refer friends right away.

The minimum payout on this online site, where you get paid for reading emails, is $15, and you can get this payment via PayPal. If you choose to use the points system instead of the cash system, you will be able to cash out using gift cards instead of real money. This dual payment system gives you a more flexible approach toward the payout limit. This site also boasts a quick payment system, which means that you should receive your payment within 24 hours after making a request.

As the name of this website implies, you can earn money easily just by reading emails. It is one of the legit ways to earn cash!

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is yet another one of legit ways to get paid to read emails. On this free-to-use site, you can also get paid for playing games, watching videos, and completing online surveys regarding market research for some extra money.

Also, besides being a service where you get paid to read emails, this site offers some online shopping opportunities and acts as a cashback service, giving you a chance not only to earn money, but also to save money along the way by making use of their affiliate links.

Regarding the reading emails aspect, this site offers a feature called "Paid Emails." It does exactly what it says on the tin – you get paid to read emails! On it, once you subscribe, you will receive a few emails daily with email notifications, and you will get paid to open them and read them.

In order to make money reading emails, you would need to be at least 13 years old and be a resident of the United States, Australia, Ireland, France, India, or Germany. Additionally, you will get paid a $5 signup bonus. You could say that you earn cash before even diving into reading emails!

As with other similar money-making sites where you earn by opening some paid email, Inbox Dollars also provides a rather generous referral system. In it, you would receive a $1 bonus for each referral that you invite, and you would get 30% of your referrals' earnings as a bonus, too. As mentioned in the previous entries, having a lot of referrals is a good way to make money (or at least to get a great bonus) by itself.

The minimum payout here is $30. Once you achieve it, you can either pay out using PayPal or opt-in for some gift cards. They offer plenty of those if gift cards are indeed your thing.

Earn money reading emails, as easy as that! Combined with other side hustles like paid surveys, you can get some pretty extra money.


Similar to Paid To Read Email, this website gives you an opportunity to get paid to read emails, and this is the main focus there, the primary way to make money if you will.

However, there are other tasks alongside reading emails to increase your cash flow. Besides reading emails, you can complete surveys about market research, get into playing games, or spend some time watching videos. You earn money by doing all of those, of course!

message email notification bell ring window

Usually, Cash4Offers sends out one or two paid emails a day. This ensures that your inbox will not explode with all those emails promising online rewards. The catch here is that those emails are being sent to residents of the United States. However, you may receive some when living outside of the US. You also need to be at least 18 years old to register and make money reading emails (or make money using other tasks) on this amazing website.

Though, as noted, there are plenty of other activities for earning money online there. With a rather low payout threshold of $35, you are bound to reach it quickly. This should be considered as, just like many sites here, Cash4Offers also has a great referral system.

In this referral system, when people join using your referral link, you can get up to a $6 bonus per single referral! Also, as for your own, you get a $5 signup bonus. Out of many sites where you can earn money by reading emails, Cash4Offers is a great choice, considering other making money online options that they provide. Also, they have excellent customer support. We hope you get a lot of those paid emails and start making real money as soon as possible!

Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is probably the most versatile website on this list. On it, you can get paid for reading emails, you can get paid for playing games, you can get some cash per survey that you complete, and you can also earn rewards (well, savings would be more exact) while online shopping, listening to the radio. You can even get paid to watch videos. That is a long list of opportunities to earn money and get extra income!

As for the get paid to read emails part, after you sign up, you will start receiving a variety of emails with special offers in them. It is solely up to you if you would like to take those offers. Though, with them, you may earn rewards, as they do provide some nice bonus discounts in them. You may even find some products for free there, which is a good way to try something new.

The rewards you receive are worth roughly $0.01 per opened email, which works both for emails without any special offers and with emails that offer you to make some purchases and earn rewards. As noted, you are technically getting paid for reading emails. However, all it takes is simply to open the email itself to earn rewards. No need to invest too much time into reading them.

Unique Rewards is completely free to use, and on this site, you also get a $5 sign-up bonus. It also uses a generous referral system: you will receive $1 when your friends complete their first offer and another $5 for each active referral. And the coolest part is that you will get 10% of your referrals' earnings for as long as they (and you) are active. Needless to say, with plenty of referrals, you are bound to make more money.

As for the payment itself, you would need to accrue at least $20 before you can cash out. With $20, you would be able to request your pay via PayPal or Bitcoin, whereas after collecting $50 (or more), you could request your pay with direct deposit to your VISA or MasterCard.

Considering all the ways to earn that Unique Rewards offer, in case you get tired of reading emails, you can always play games there or take online surveys. The opportunities to earn money are almost limitless there! And all of this is completely free.

While you can get paid for reading emails or doing other side hustles, there are completely passive income solutions available. Check out Honeygain, where you get paid without taking any surveys or doing anything actively. Earn rewards without any effort!

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