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6 Websites To Get Paid To Read Books Aloud

Updated: 2 days ago

Reading a book during cozy evenings is a popular activity among us all. Whether it is a fiction book or a book on passive income, many of those who love reading tend to narrate the sentences they are reading in their heads. Some even create different voices for different characters, imagining how they sound, becoming sort-of voice actors for themselves.

If you are one of those people, have you thought about letting the narrative out of your mind and into the outside world? Did you know that you can get paid for doing so in your spare time? There are plenty of options for this opportunity, and these are the six websites to get paid to read books aloud!

Table of contents:

Before you start


Voice 123

Bunny Studio

Findaway Voices

Spoken Realms

Voice Jungle

Before you start

On paper, becoming an audiobook narrator seems very easy. After all, it is just reading books aloud and getting paid for it. However, there are some technical and talent requirements that are needed if you want to get started and get paid big money to read books aloud.

On the technical side, of course, you would need a computer on which you would be recording what you are reading. In order to record, you would need a microphone. Good quality microphones cost quite a bit, but it is worth making this investment to get paid to read books in the long run.

microphone recording audio

Headphones are also recommended since most people listen to audiobooks using them, and by having a listen yourself, you would be able to identify the issues with your recordings and fix them. Recording and editing software is an easy one. There are a lot of options for free software. Thus, no investment at all is required here.

On the talent side, there are some requirements for voice acting/voice talent. As you may have noticed, while reading dialogues, many of us create different accents and different voices for the characters. The same is needed when you are doing the narration aloud.

Also, it would be wise to check if the reading tempo and voice overall sounds crisp and clear. If you have all of these in check – jump right into the websites below and take your shot at book narration! After all, book readers get paid some nice money!

Lastly, once you start getting paid to read books, you can also start reviewing books based on those you had already read aloud (pst, a good combination of both would be "Women's Review of Books"). You can earn some money per review, too! Needless to say, you should invest some time in reading book reviews written by professionals if you choose to go for this gig.


ACX is by far the biggest website for book narration gigs. Since it was created by Amazon, you would read books for Audible - an audiobook service made by them. It is like a massive online book club, where creators provide their books for you to read!

Since the website is tremendous, they provide you with all the information on getting started on their help page. After you create an account there, the key point is uploading high-quality samples of your voice talent. Having more samples would make you more noticeable to potential customers.

Once a book is assigned for you, the customer would listen to about 15 minutes of your narration of some writing samples and decide whether or not you are a right fit for the job. If you succeed – it’s extra money time!

headphones book audiobook

If some book reviewers write a lovely word review for your work, you could boost your popularity and orders. Keep in mind that the same people could be the ones who review books for a living, hence, high-quality work is appreciated and could boost your reputation wildly.

You get paid to read books aloud at a per hour rate that you set with the customer, and also, you can get a share of royalties from each purchase of the audiobook narration that you had done.

As the scope of Audible is large, and the userbase is beyond huge, hitting the right notes could net you incredible amounts of extra money. And, of course, you get free books this way. It pays you to read and grants you some bonuses, and it may just open some job opportunities for you!

Voice 123

Voice 123 is another website where you get paid to read books aloud. Launched in 2003, it helps clients to connect with voice actors for purposes such as book narration, voiceovers for commercials and video games, and so on. It is one of the largest services of its kind on the market.

What makes it a great site to get paid to read aloud is the fact that no commission fees are taken out of your payment. That is, it is free to create an account there, and you get paid per hour in full for the job you do, without any added agent fees that may appear on other similar websites that offer this online job.

Also, Voice 123 is a great option for beginners in this craft. Since the reading jobs provided span different categories and the number of potential clients is large, you are bound to start audiobook narration or other voice actor gigs in no time.

Besides that, while you create a profile, you will be asked a few questions that would determine your skill level. Hence, you would be able to get started regardless of your experience, whether you are a professional voice actor or you had just started your work from home odyssey.

If you are not sure about your book narration skills, you can always go for a voice-over artist role here for some practice. It would not hurt, and you would get paid to increase your skills!

Bunny Studio

If you wish to make money reading books, Bunny Studio is another widely known option for it. It is sort of a creative exchange, where voice actors get connected to various clients for job opportunities. This saves time both for you and for them since you would not need to look for clients yourself.

book audio speaker speech audiobook

It is one of the more unique ways to make money while you read books online, as it uses an audition basis. This means that on this job, after you complete your registration, you would be assigned a project (like providing a recorded book review). You would have to complete it in two days.

If you succeed in doing it - great job! You would be considered a professional voice on this website then. Afterward, you would be able to take jobs such as reading books aloud and recording yourself, making money online, recording voiceovers, and so on.

Even at the start of your job in this gig, you could make upwards of $50 per submission. As a professional with a lot of experienced, you should be able to make around $200!

What is nice regarding Bunny Studio is the fact that you set your own rates and your own schedules (just like other audiobook narrators here), so you can spend as much time as you would like reading books aloud. Besides that, they pay you to read regardless if the client accepts your recordings or rejects them.

However, with these perks come some cons. In contrast to Voice 123, this website takes a portion of your earnings as a commission fee.

But, knowing how much book readers earn there, it is hardly something that should prevent you from using this website where you get paid to read books aloud.

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is yet another site where you get paid to read books. On it, audiobook creators get connected with audiobook narrators easily, and, of course, you can be one of them! You can think of this website as a virtual book club, really, that gives you a nice job.

This website is mostly focused on small and independent authors. This makes it a good option for beginners in the craft of reading books aloud. Also, since it is not so professional, the competition is slightly lower than with the other options above.

On Findaway Voices, you are getting paid to read on a per finished hour basis. This is a standard payment for the voice recording market.

microphone blue book audiobook

The payment rate itself is in your hands, as you can set it as you like. Of course, you would need to reach an agreement with the client here. The final length of your recording is automatically checked, and no invoices are required.

When you get started, the per finished hour rate is recommended to be around $90. But just like with other gigs, if you want to get paid big money, you would need to put your best effort into reading books aloud.

Considering that most of the books that you would be paid to read are from independent creators, it is not only a great way to make money but also a great way to discover some new writers. As always, you will also get free books that you narrate!

Spoken Realms

Spoken Realms is similar to other sites to get paid to read books aloud. It has striking similarities to the first entry on this list, that is, ACX.

If you create a profile here and become an audiobook narrator on this service, your recordings will end up on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and many more services.

They are mostly focused on classical literature, as well as open domain works by various authors. If you want to read some classics, this is your chance to do so. And they would pay to read them!

Similar to other sites here, you get paid per hour of completed work (excluding the editing time and so on). But besides that, you can also opt-in for royalty payments for each purchase of your audiobook made.

Combining both of these payment methods, you are sure to become a literal money-making machine in no time. And all of that just because you read books aloud!

The website is focused completely on audiobook narrator gigs. There are no other options for voice actors there. Hence, if you are not sure about your skills, you should get started on other websites already mentioned in this article before starting to read books online for payment.

Voice Jungle

Voice Jungle is yet another website where you can get paid to read books aloud. On it, besides getting paid to read books, you can also provide other voice-over work and get paid for it.

In this creative exchange, you would need to fulfill two key requirements in order to be eligible to make money for the jobs they are offering. One is having professional equipment in order to provide the best quality audiobook recordings.

book play audio speaker sound audiobook

The other one is time-focused. In order to get paid to read books, you would need to complete your task within 24 hours after receiving it. Besides those two rules, there is not much else you need to do in order to get paid to read.

This service does not have multiple ways to make money reading. That is, you get paid for the job that you complete. There is no option to get a share of royalties as with other sites where you read books out loud to get paid.

The books that would be assigned to you have a great variety. Hence, you would not only get some jobs that would help you to make money, but you might also find some books that would surely spark your interest.

As with other websites that pay you to read, at first you would not earn money that would be large. But with time, if you truly want to get paid to read books online, you will increase the pay you get quickly.

There a multiple ways to make money online. Each way to get paid can be chosen in accordance with your needs. But, if you enjoy reading books and reading books aloud, there is no reason not to take this chance. Dive in and enjoy these services that pay you to read!

However, if this is not your cup of tea, you can opt-in for a completely passive way to earn money. Have you tried Honeygain yet? No need to do anything. Just install and start earning today!

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