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5 Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music in 2022

Updated: May 12

Listening to music is definitely one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Chances are, you spend not just time but also a good chunk of money on it – be it by buying records or paying for streaming platform subscriptions. But did you know the opposite can be an option, too? These days, you can actually get paid to listen to music online!

In this article, we’re going to introduce 5 websites and applications that enable their users to make money listening to music every day. If a soundtrack to your day plus extra cash sounds like an enticing option – keep on reading!

Current / Mode

Confused by two names? Don’t be: it’s one and the same music app, it’s just named differently in different operating systems. If you’re an iPhone user, search for Current on App Store; if you’re team Android, look for Mode in Google Pay. The app offers over 100,000 curated radio stations which you can listen to and earn points – and as the music plays, you can sometimes hear about extra opportunities to get rewards! The points you earn on Current / Mode can be exchanged for products, services, charity donations or various gift cards.

Bees listening to music

How much can you get paid to listen to music on this app, you ask? It depends on both your profile (the more detailed, the better!) and the time you spend listening to music. If you spend 20–30 hours on the app every week, you can effortlessly make up to $600 per year!

Radio Earn

Radio Earn is another company that lets you earn points by listening to online radio – however, it works on your internet browser instead of a desktop or mobile application. If you have a website of your own, you can also integrate the player to it and earn when your visitors use it to listen to music – talk about passive income!

With Radio Earn, you get points after every 15 minutes of listening, and the points you collect in a month get converted to USD. You can then choose to cash out via a bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards. Radio Earn can barely be called a side hustle, since the earnings are very low: most users said they were making a few bucks a month. However, if you enjoy various tunes, why not take the chance to get paid to listen to music?


HitPredictor is a great option for those who want to always be the first to hear new songs and have at least a little influence on the music industry. The idea is simple: you listen to tracks that haven’t been released yet and rate them. According to HitPredictor’s website, your ratings have the power to ‘influence record labels, radio stations, the artists, and their managers’ – sounds like a dream, now doesn’t it?

Bees by a music speaker

Just like Radio Earn, HitPredictor doesn’t have a dedicated music app – you need to listen to and review music using your web browser. Users get paid per song, and the points they receive can later be exchanged for prizes or weekly raffle tickets. Again, it’s not too lucrative of an activity, but every penny counts – and as you earn money, you get to discover new music in the process.


Slicethepie is a review site that lets you earn by sharing your opinion on various things – and one of the categories you can pick is new songs. After listening to at least 90 seconds of a track, you can submit your rating and get paid to listen to music.

If you’re looking to get paid to listen to music with Slicethepie, keep in mind that the size of your reward depends on the quality of your review. Detailed, constructive and well-written reviews make more – plus, some categories are specified as paying more, so you can be aware of it when choosing what to review. In most cases, you’ll make $0.03–0.15 per review, which isn’t much, but it can definitely add up over time!

Playlist Push

While Playlist Push is not technically a way to get paid to listen to music online, it’s still a great side hustle for those who enjoy discovering new songs. If you have a Spotify playlist with 1,000+ followers, you can become a curator for Playlist Push – which means you would receive songs that fit your playlist’s genre to review.

This is actually great in two ways: not only do you get paid to listen to music and review it, but you can also find great new songs to add to your playlist and help your listeners discover their new favorite music tracks. The amount you’re getting paid per song may vary from $1.25 all the way up to $15 – it all depends on the size of your playlist and the activity of your listeners!

Bees making money

Now that you know how to get paid to listen to music… It’s time to learn about a way to earn extra at the same time!

With Honeygain, you can make money online by simply leaving the app running on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection – and you can still use the device as you normally would. This means you can earn extra cash or crypto while you’re listening to your favorite tracks, watching music videos, or doing anything your heart desires!

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