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Top 10 Finance Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

Ever wondered what life would have been if you decided to start investing in the stock market, making stock picks that are no worse than those made by the masters of the trade? Or just how would it feel always to be the best financial advisor among your friends? Or maybe you would simply like to get advice on personal finance issues and tips on saving money.

In today's world, it turns out that all of these things can be done rather easily, and they can be delivered right to your smartphone or your computer. We are, of course, referring to newsletters. You can subscribe to them and receive great ideas. These are our top 10 finance newsletters to subscribe to in 2022.

Table of Contents

Profit From The Pros By Zacks

Money Moves

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Jill On Money

The Daily Upside

Morning Brew

The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

Robinhood Snacks

The Minority Mindset

Profit From The Pros By Zacks

Profit From The Pros is a financial newsletter focused on stock research, market trends, and stock picking. This newsletter belongs to a popular investment research company named Zacks. They provide a portfolio tracker, as well as market news and opinions on current events overall.

With Profit From The Pros by Zacks, you can stay up-to-date on the latest stock research and market trends. Their team of financial experts provides in-depth analysis of current events and shares their insights on what's to come for investors. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, you'll benefit from subscribing to Profit From The Pros.

This daily newsletter is completely free, and since it is being sent out each day, it ensures that you are kept up to date with the most important news in the financial world. As you may know, a lot of events can influence the stock market. Hence, Profit From The Pros is a great financial newsletter if you seek to open up your investment portfolio.

Without a doubt, it is indeed one of the best financial newsletters around, and the subscribers count for it speaks for itself. If you need a stock recommendation, look no further.

Money Moves

Money Moves is a financial newsletter written by Alicia Adamczyk, a senior money reporter for CNBC and an overall expert in the trade. Based on her years of experience in the finance industry, she offers readers in-depth analysis and investing tips, along with recommendations for the best products and tools to use.

finances stocks business money man graphs

Despite sounding rather difficult to understand, the cool thing about this newsletter is that all the information, despite being about complex topics, is broken down into easy-to-understand sentences that will make anyone get the idea behind them.

Besides all that, the newsletter itself is provided in a form similar to receiving a letter from your friend or relative. It has a very inviting and somewhat relaxing style. But do not get fooled by it; despite its friendly nature, this free weekly newsletter is full to the brim with financial advice and business stories for pretty much any occasion.

For example, during the COVID pandemic, her newsletter gave out advice on how not to get into debt and how not to make personal finance mistakes that could be costly. A few months ago, her newsletter focused on Biden's student loan forgiveness. As you can see, the focus is on current events and news all around, meaning that this free newsletter is constantly up to date.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor is a premium newsletter focused on the stock market. It offers advice on which stocks to buy and when. Membership also includes share price research tools (a financial planner), daily market news updates, and a library of investing material.

A premium subscription to Motley Fool Stock Advisor offers investors an in-depth look at the stock market, along with expert guidance on buying and selling stocks. The newsletter is packed full of useful share price analysis tools and features regular market news updates to keep you informed about current trends and events.

Plus, as a member, you'll have access to a comprehensive library of resources covering everything from basic investing concepts to advanced strategies. It is also one of the few investment newsletters that have a track record of providing successful stock market advice, such as investing in stocks of Netflix and Amazon.

This newsletter is provided on a weekly basis and will cost you $89 per year. Although it may seem like a big number, it should be noted that this newsletter allows you to take advantage of the up-and-coming stocks, helping you to outperform the market and expand your overall portfolio. With their investing advice, you should be able to get all that money back with a successful stock investment or two, going through financial markets like a shark.

It is also a great option for those who would like to start investing but do not have a lot of money. Besides giving out what they would consider being the best stock overall or the best new stock to buy, they also offer advice on starter stocks, which are not expensive and great to try out.

Jill On Money

Jill on Money is a personal finance and financial trends weekly newsletter written by a person named Jill. Jill Schlesinger, to be exact. a business analyst working for CBS news.

Jill has been writing the free newsletter since 2006, and she believes that financial literacy is not only important but it's also a critical aspect of life.

budget money investment calculator dollars

Jill on Money is all about how to live, invest and manage your money smartly. Each week you can expect some new tips and tricks regarding finance and saving money in general in the long term.

Thanks to her years of experience, Jill is able to write very interesting financial news and financial advice articles which provide real value for their readers. This weekly newsletter does not strictly fall into the personal finance newsletters category, as the advice given out is very broad and is not only focused on personal finance issues and concerns.

The Daily Upside

The Daily Upside is a free daily newsletter written by an apparent Wall Street veteran who does not provide his full credentials. As he speaks to the “hardworking, average American”, he delivers daily market and economic news, tips, and tricks on how to get ahead financially. The Daily Upside is full of useful advice; it's written with a dry wit and a sense of humor.

The goal of this newsletter is to be different from other financial newsletters in the sense of how it is written. A lot of "more serious" newsletters tend to be filled with difficult-to-understand information, words that not everyone understands, and so on. The Daily Upside seeks to write bite-sized information that could be understood by anyone.

Boasting over 300 000 subscribers, it is one of the most popular daily newsletters focused on financial news. By becoming one of these subscribers, you will get access to the website's vast selection of reports on almost anything - from real estate news and business stories to just various interesting daily news in general.

With a great team of masters in the trade of business, you are sure to find this one interesting. Unless, of course, you do not wish to mix humor with investing. However, as it is free and rather entertaining, it is worth a try.

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a free daily newsletter that provides insights on financial news, investing, the performance of various companies, and so on. Simply put, everything business and money-related.

If you are a fan of the latest trends in finance and business startup news, then Morning Brew is the perfect newsletter for you. Every morning, they deliver a brief rundown of the top stories from around the world that will keep you up to date on what's happening in the finance industry.

Similar to the previous entry, Morning Brew provides content with humor as well, making financial news funny, as surprising as it may sound.

It does not provide you with stock picks or stock picking advice, nor does it give out tips on what to invest in, but it will surely keep you informed on the latest news in an engaging way.

Besides all the cool financial news that this free daily newsletter (that has over 3 million subscribers, by the way) provides, they also put in some trivia and fun facts about business and finance. It is released every day, and the Sunday edition has a bit more serious tone and deeper looks into the weekly news that happened. Each issue has stylish images, funny gifs, and some quizzes.

Whether you're interested in learning about new financial funding rounds or reading inspiring success stories, Morning Brew has it all. So if you want to stay on top of the latest happenings within the business world and startups, keep a focus on Morning Brew!

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal, an incredibly popular newspaper with a focus on business and finance, has various newsletters that you can subscribe to. These newsletters focus on publishing business news, personal finance tips, and even the latest market reports.

These newsletters offer detailed information on different aspects of business, such as market analysis, stock prices, financing tips, etc. In addition to this, they also cover topics like personal finance and real estate trends.

money budget planning pie chart

Considering the vast scope of different financial newsletters that this newspaper provides, you are sure to find one (or more) that suits you the best.

If you are interested in, say, stock picks, they have a newsletter for that. If you are interested in just financial news, needless to say, there are quite a few newsletters about it.

As far as personal finance newsletters go, this part is slightly weaker, but we can not say that there are no options for that in this portal. If you are looking for investment newsletters, you will find one or two there.

The New York Times

Another big player in the newspaper industry, The New York Times, was founded way back in 1851 and is still being released to this day.

The focus of this newspaper is pretty general. They cover everything related to news, whether financial, political or sports. However, just as the previous entry on this list, they offer numerous newsletters that cover various topics more in-depth. And this includes various personal finance newsletters that you could use to manage your money better or find out which investments would bring the most profits.

The newsletters that the New York Times provides for free do not have finance-specific ones; however, using their Digital Access or Home Delivery subscription service (which are, unfortunately, paid), you can find quite a few that could give you business performance tips and various success stories.

For example, Daily Business Briefing, being issued on weekdays, provides a summary of the biggest business news of that day. Peter Coy's newsletter provides opinions on the biggest headlines three times a week. As he is a business and economics columnist, the insights are bound to be interesting.

All of this will cost you just $1 a week (or roughly $208 per year). This is a small price to pay for such a service, considering that you will get access not only to a large number of newsletters that focus on many different areas but also to the virtual newspaper itself.

Robinhood Snacks

Robinhood Snacks is a personal finance newsletter that is very similar to Morning Brew. It provides short summaries of business and investment news from the business world in a way that is fun to read and easy to understand.

Since this newsletter is owned by Robinhood, a rather famous free app that helps investors buy stocks, it serves sort of as an advertising newsletter that will try to pull you to use their app.

money coins calculator budget finance business

There is nothing wrong with the app itself, though; if you are interested in making stock investments, it would be a great idea to use both the app itself and this newsletter to catch up with what is happening around you.

This newsletter is free and has a lot of subscribers. It will not make you a financial planner, but it will surely provide you with some entertaining summaries of the biggest news that can be read quickly during your free time or even during your coffee break.

Due to a fun writing style, it will not cost you any mental exhaustion. And since the cost is 0, just like with Morning Brew, we suggest trying both of these out and seeing which one works better for you.

The Minority Mindset

The Minority Mindset is a free personal finance newsletter issued daily. It is hard to say the number of subscribers this newsletter has, but the main writer of it, Jaspreet Singh, an entrepreneur, has a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers.

Just as in the previous two entries, the style of this newsletter is casual, understandable to everyone, yet incredibly informative. One of the cooler ideas that this newsletter puts up is a somewhat different outlook on money overall.

That is, this newsletter tries to explain how seemingly huge and global processes, as well as trends, affect your personal finance issues directly. Truly fascinating!

Another nice thing about this newsletter is that it honestly wants you to make your life better. It seeks to make your investment goals better and more successful, it seeks to raise a number of ideas about money in your mindset, and just make you better at dealing with money long term.

All in all, whether it be personal finance issues, ideas on what investment to make next, or just pure interest in money and how it works, the number of newsletters available is truly stunning, and you will find one that gives you the most knowledge and helps you in your financial life the best.

It would also be a smart idea to boost your personal finance goals by using Honeygain. You can earn for your next investment or for that paid newsletter subscription completely effortlessly by doing nothing!

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