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5 Best Business Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

Do you ever think about creating a business? While being a successful entrepreneur and making money is definitely intriguing, we often give up on it. That’s because getting into business is so much more than just getting a job, right? We get it.

From business management and marketing to product development and sales, the list of things to consider seems endless. Often we get so overwhelmed we don’t even know where to start! The best news is that there is practical guidance out there to help you take the first step into business success.

There are multiple successful entrepreneurs sharing business advice with others. While books and courses are useful, there are more ways to get education about business - for example, through podcasts!

We have gathered a collection of podcasts designed to give information about everything business owners need to know. Whether you need a little bit of motivation or inspiration for that big idea - these best business podcasts will get you on the right track to success! Let’s dive in.

Table of contents

1. The Diary of a CEO

2. Perpetual Traffic

3. HBR IdeaCast

4. The Ramsey Show

5. What Goes Up

1. The Diary of a CEO


Led by a young UK entrepreneur, The Diary of a CEO is definitely one of the best podcasts you should try. Episodes include a range of different topics which will give you a unique perspective on creating a business. You will find insights on sales, mindset and how to deal with arising issues, stress, and failure.

Also, you will gain knowledge of how to reach business success in uncertain times. You will benefit from this business podcast if you are among small business owners already or are taking the first baby steps in your business journey.

Steven Bartlett, the host and co-founder of Social Chain launched a successful company in his early 20s. He steered the social media company’s ship to success when in 2019, the company went public with a valuation of $200 million.

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A year later, he exited the business and became an investor to fund ideas of other entrepreneurs. At the same time, he launched one of the best business podcasts globally. With a background like that, you can trust Steven Bartlett has a lot of knowledge under his belt to help you grow your business!

One of the best things about The Diary of CEO podcast is its honest and unfiltered thoughts from the host and other business leaders. It also gives real world examples of challenging business situations. As the title suggests, the podcast offers personal, behind the scenes stories you would not find anywhere else. Tune in and learn!

2. Perpetual Traffic

If you want to learn about sales and advertising to successfully grow your business, you should put Perpetual Traffic to your list of best business podcasts! This is a business podcast led by two business leaders who share insights about online advertising.

It’s no secret that your product or service is important, but what if nobody sees it? That being said, advertising your business is extremely useful to start making money, and the podcast teaches you how to do it.

Being one of the top business podcasts in the field, Perpetual Traffic teaches you how to market your product or service effectively using advertising. It includes the largest social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and many more! Fire up the podcast and find out how to put your business on the cutting edge of its industry.

3. HBR IdeaCast

money bag

The ultimate guide in your business success journey is HBR IdeaCast. It’s a weekly podcast that explores ins and outs of creating a company. While sharing actionable tips on mindset and business management, the hosts of the podcast go even further.

They share valuable insights on topics like leadership and the latest market developments and technologies, which will help you a lot when starting. We can’t recommend this enough because of the business related ideas this podcast provides!

What’s more, the hosts of this business podcast are Harvard Business Review (HBR) editors. To confirm, HBR is a magazine owned by Harvard University. And when Harvard is involved, you can be sure that every episode is full of detailed business advice!

HBR IdeaCast makes the list of best business podcasts due to its hosts’ experience and content quality. It will put you on the right path to create your small business and develop leadership skills in no time.

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4. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show makes the list of top business podcasts for beginners and business owners. The host's success story started in 1992. For more than 20 years, Dave Ramsey helped small business owners to make money and become successful. Dave Ramsey has even more insight about financial freedom that you can find in our previous blog post.

He is also a well known co-founder of multiple companies and New York Times best-selling author. His podcast covers a range of topics including personal finance, sales and actionable tips for creating a small business. You will find it all here!

With more than 18 million weekly listeners, The Ramsey Show is trusted by many as one of the best business podcasts. The host has years of experience in business and knowledge about real estate, money management and investing.

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The best thing is that you don’t need to be an expert in the field of business to understand the content. All you need is time - to get comfortable with the basics and understand the business world better. Over time, it will help you to become a successful entrepreneur. Take a listen to what Dave Ramsey has to say today!

5. What Goes Up


Another weekly podcast that will get your creative juices flowing is What Goes Up. If you are interested about the current events in the financial markets and business world, this business podcast is perfect for you to listen to on the go.

The What Goes Up podcast works very well for everyone who wants knowledge about other businesses, what markets are currently performing well, and other related topics. You will become an expert in understanding what makes your business go up!

What Goes Up is one of the best business podcasts and is provided by Bloomberg, a global media and financial software company, experts in business and finance. Therefore, you will not only learn about business news but also about personal finance and investing.

We can agree that taking care of your finances is very important when it comes to creating a small business, right? Given this reality, we can say that What Goes Up is among the must-try podcasts for everyone interested in personal finance and business.

Business Podcasts are Preparing Successful Entrepreneurs

Even the thought of creating a business may seem daunting at first. However, you don’t have to go through your business journey on your own when you have podcasts! There are multiple business owners ready to help and guide you with their podcasts.

Are you ready? Pick your favorite from the podcasts above and learn from business leaders, and always remember - the first step is always the most important to reach business success!

Your First Step Into Business Success

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