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6 Best Apps That Pay You to Walk in 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

Some of us use our own transport to go around, and others choose public transportation. A vast number of people also choose walking to get to their destinations or use bicycles and other fitness-oriented things.

If you are one of these people, did you know that there are apps that pay you to walk? How about getting into a healthy lifestyle and getting paid for it? It sounds like a great way to get fit. Do not hesitate anymore – these are our picks for the 6 best apps that pay you to walk in 2022!

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myWalgreens Health Goals

Charity Miles

Fit for Bucks




Sweatcoin is one of those apps where you get paid to walk. It is arguably the most famous one of its kind.

It is available on both the iOS via the Apple App Store and Android systems via Google Play Store. It is an app that pays you for walking inside and outside your home.

This is achieved by syncing the health monitoring apps/fitness trackers on your phone to the Sweatcoin app or by syncing it to your wearables/smart watches (such as Google Fit or Apple Watch). In case you do not have any of these fitness trackers, you can use the app itself to track your steps.

walking running fitness sneakers

Sweatcoin works in a rather simple way. You earn points (called Sweatcoins, of course) for every 1000 steps you take. For it, you gain one Sweatcoin. Your steps are counted automatically while you use the app, and it constantly updates to show you the latest balance that you have.

Although free to use, you can cash in a maximum of 10,000 points per day on the free version. With the paid premium version of the Sweatcoin app, you can earn points without any worries as it doubles the daily maximum!

But, after all, if you opt-in for walking an average distance a day, using the free version is completely fine and viable to get paid for walking.

Another one of the cool features that the app offers is the daily double. Each day you can pick a 20-minute period during which the Sweatcoin app would double the steps you take, earning you double the points!

When it comes to making money by walking, on Sweatcoin, you can exchange your accumulated points for things such as gift cards (including ones filled with PayPal cash for that sweet extra money), various discounts (the savings mean extra cash for you), donate the coins to charity (great way to raise karma levels), or exchange the points for physical goods.

These can include some fitness tracker to help you keep track of your fitness goals and be in check with your health. Besides sports-related goods, they also offer jewelry, headphones, and other neat stuff.

You can also engage in auctions that take place there (they happen roughly every week). Whoever bids the most Sweatcoins gets the prize. Usually, they are something big, like a few hundred dollars worth of Nike gift cards or a full-on grill setup!

And all this just for two simple steps - download this health app and get paid for walking! Get started right now!

myWalgreens Health Goals

Formerly known as Walgreens Balance Rewards, myWalgreens Health Goals is another fitness app that pays you to walk.

As the name clearly suggests, this app was created by Walgreens - an American company that operates a large number of pharmacy stores in the United States.

The application is, like most apps here, available on the Apple App Store, as well as on the Google Play Store, and is available on Windows Phone devices.

You can link it with your fitness tracker to take some additional measurements that would pay you more. For example, you can get better rewards for tracking your blood pressure, weight loss, and other healthy lifestyle measurements.

walking sports workout

By using this app, you are participating in the Balance Rewards program, where the rewards are given for walking, running, and other workouts requiring physical activity. This makes it slightly different from other apps that pay you to walk.

Reportedly, by using this app, you can earn up to $6 a month in Walgreens Balance Rewards, which you can exchange for discounts and goods in Walgreens stores, kind of like using a gift card. In a similar vein to other apps here, however, the payment itself is not in extra cash form but discounts.

Anyhow, it is still something that you get for simply walking and going for that healthy lifestyle goal and some personal finance management. Put on those walking shoes and get started today!

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is yet another one of the apps that pay you to walk. However, it has a wholesome twist - even though you get paid to walk on it, you are doing it all for charity!

Available on both iOS and Android devices, Charity Miles allows you to log your indoor and outdoor activities, like walking, running, hitting that treadmill, and other sports. For doing so, you earn rewards that you would give out to charities.

After installing the application, you would choose which charity you would like to contribute your Charity Miles to. After that, all you have to do is engage in physical activities and keep your health in check. All of that for charity and yourself!

Charity Miles is able to provide payments to charities since they have a lot of sponsors. Imagine you would be hitting your weight loss goal and also get some karma points as all of your earnings would go to charity.

The only downside of this app is that you can not sync it with your Google Fit, Apple Watch, or other fitness trackers, meaning that you would need to open the app and log your activities while the application is running.

But hey, it is all worth it, considering the beautiful idea behind the Charity Miles app itself. Hitting that fitness goal or two and gaining karma on the side truly is fantastic!

Fit for Bucks

Imagine going out for a dog walking duty, or just for a stroll, walking around your neighborhood. Suddenly, you start craving for a coffee. You take a turn for the coffee shop and get a cup for free. How is that possible? By using the Fit for Bucks app, of course.

Fit for Bucks is yet another one of the apps that pay you to walk that could also fall into the fitness apps category in general. On it, you get paid in rewards for walking or doing any other physical activity.

workout calendar fitness

All you have to do to get started is install the app itself and pair it with your wearable (any of the standard fitness trackers should do the trick) to track your steps and all the other activities that you are doing. The rewards provided on this app include, as noted, a free cup of coffee, a free dessert (got to treat yourself after a workout), a free massage, and many more.

It works in an interesting way since you are, needless to say, getting rewarded for taking a walk or shooting for your fitness goals. With it, you are helping the community since you would be redeeming those rewards in local businesses. These are not cash rewards by any means, but still, the core idea is beautiful.

So remember, the next time you walk dogs around, make sure to take a turn to a café for that free cup of coffee. You deserve it!


Despite having the word "run" in the name, Runtopia tracks all your movement-based activities, be it walking, running, or anything else, inside or outside.

On this app, you get paid for your activities in Sports Coins - a virtual currency that can be exchanged for various rewards. They include gift cards, discounts for sports goods, coupons, and so on.

Most importantly, though, you can even earn extra cash via PayPal by using this app! This means that your activities to improve your health can be exchanged for virtually anything money can buy. Your fitness goals can become a side hustle this way, making it easier to reach personal finance goals. As you walk around and earn points, you will want to get more and more of them.

Sports Coins are also rewarded for doing simple tasks such as watching ads, doing daily activities, and inviting friends.

workout health healthy fitness

The app also includes numerous fantastic features that make Runtopia one of the best fitness apps in general. On it, you can choose various specially crafted training plans (such as ones to lose weight or train you to run a marathon), have voiced coaching while you run or walk, and get help on how to set your own schedule for workouts. They also have their own line of fitness trackers, cementing themselves as one of the leaders within the fitness apps community.

Most of the features are completely free. However, a premium membership provides a better analysis of your workout activities and gives you access to every training plan that the app has to offer.

It also doubles the daily limit of Sports Coins that you can accrue. If you decide to make a purchase, it would only cost you $3.99 a month.

Fitness had never been more rewarding. You get to earn money to keep your health in check. A rigorous workout once per week, or a few smaller ones per day, and you are on your way to earning extra cash!


Out of all the apps that pay you to walk already mentioned here, LifeCoin is probably the most similar one to Sweatcoin.

On this walking app, you get paid in LifeCoins, a currency used in this app, similar to Sweatcoins used in the Sweatcoin app. For every 1000 steps you take, you earn roughly one LifeCoin. There is a limit, however, on how many points per day you can get by going for a walk. The limit is 5 LifeCoins per day unless you purchase a premium membership.

As you get paid to walk, it is essential to check out what you can do with the LifeCoins that you receive. As with other walking apps, you can exchange your points to gift cards, as well as expensive physical goods, in case a gift card is not something you wish for, such as headphones or even a new iPhone.

It could be said that you do not actually make money on this app, as there is no way to pay out via PayPal, for example. However, the range of gift cards available is pretty much the same as getting actual cash. For example, you can exchange your points for Amazon or eBay gift card. It is pretty much the same as spending money there. Gift card after gift card, and voila – money just for getting fit.

Noted, however, that the bigger goods require you to collect more points, and usually, it takes a long time to earn rewards that could grant you such expensive items. Of course, this is a common occurrence in apps like this.

Despite all this, you can earn the full daily limit per hour of walking, especially if you take a longer route. It is free money, after all, along with increased health!

As you can see, doing a simple thing of walking can turn into a side hustle that brings you some cash and other rewards. However, you would not spend most of your time walking around. For those idle moments, go for the money online path – opt-in for Honeygain. It provides you with free money completely passively!

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