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9 Cool Apps to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals for 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

If you don’t always manage to stick to your New Year goals – you’re not alone. According to British scientists, two out of every three people ditch their resolutions before February even begins!

Most of the time, the reason is simply bad planning: when people get overly ambitious and set unattainable New Year goals, it’s no wonder they cannot follow through. However, it can sometimes be hard to follow realistic goals, too – especially when it’s something completely new for us and we find it challenging without a little guidance.

Whether it’s drinking more water or taking up a new hobby, a little help can go a long way. We have apps for nearly everything these days – so why don’t we use them to achieve our New Year goals easier in 2022? Below, you’ll find 9 cool apps that can help you follow through with all types of objectives with convenience!

Way of Life app logo

Way of Life

Way of Life is one of those cool apps you can use for nearly anything. In its essence, it’s a universal habit tracker where you can collect streaks, get reminders, and take notes of your progress. Its sleek and intuitive design is not only pleasing to the eye but also very easy to use and highly useful for tracking new habits you’re determined to adopt.

Zombies, Run! app logo

Zombies, Run!

Whether you’ve decided to complete a marathon in 2022 or simply aim to turn jogging into a natural part of your day, you’ll surely need a ton of motivation… And what can motivate you to run faster than being chased by zombies?! In Zombies, Run!, you will complete missions, hear thrilling stories, and escape terrifying dangers – all while getting fit!

Planta app logo


While some people add getting a pet to their New Year goals, others prefer to get into botanics. If you belong to the second category but are a bit afraid to kill your new plants due to not knowing exactly what they need to thrive, you can join millions who use Planta! Care recommendations, reminders, and endless tips will help you grow a green thumb in no time.

Headspace app logo


If one of your New Year goals is to start meditating and explore the world of mindfulness, Headspace offers multiple types of meditation practices, including but not limited to daily, sleep, and coping meditations, as well as stress-relieving workouts and special playlists to help you focus. And if that’s not enough, Headspace has a few interactive shows on Netflix!

Tasty app logo


Let’s be honest: during our New Year planning, many of us wished we were better cooks. It helps you achieve so many goals – be healthier, save money, master a new skill, and even pamper your loved ones. Tasty is a great app for beginners: thousands of recipes with step-by-step instructions can be filtered according to your preferences and dietary needs, and the What’s in Your Kitchen feature allows you to make the most of what you already have!

5 Minute Journal app logo

5 Minute Journal

In the last few years, a lot of people really came to appreciate the concept of journaling, which allows you to easily practice gratitude every day and gain a more positive outlook. While there are many cool apps for that, 5 Minute Journal is probably the best choice for beginners: with reminders, prompts, inspiring quotes, and weekly challenges, it’s easy to set aside a little time for journaling every day and see its impact.

StoryGraph app logo


Now, if your New Year goals are more aimed at reading more instead of writing more yourself, you need a reading tracker – and not just any tracker. StoryGraph is incredible for offering AI-based personal recommendations and enabling you to filter the catalogs not just by authors and genres but also by moods. Finding that perfect read every time is the best motivation to read more!

Duolingo app logo


Learning a new language is probably one of the greatest New Year goals you could think of: not only does it aid you when traveling, meeting new people, and discovering new information, but it also offers incredible cognitive benefits and helps train your memory. Duolingo is a playful and highly user-friendly app that can help you learn dozens of distinct languages from the very basics with reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises.

Honeygain app logo


Millions of people swear during their New Year planning that next year, they’re going to work more, earn more, save more, invest more, and finally get rich. While it’s not always that simple, one thing you can surely do is start generating passive income in your free time – and Honeygain is perfect for that. With no need for skill or even effort, it will pay you for simply running the app on an Internet-connected device (such as a computer or a smartphone) and sharing your extra bandwidth with a crowdsourced web intelligence network!

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