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8 Things That Will Convince Your Friends to Install the Honeygain App

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make money. In recent years income has been a bit stagnant, and the market has gradually shifted towards gig markets, side jobs, and free money, through passive income streams.

The issue with this state of economy is that it can be challenging to sort out legitimate income streams from scams, especially online. More and more scam sites are cropping up claiming to offer big payouts. Even if they are legit, they usually don’t pay much at all. Or even worse, your free money expires before you can cash it out because of unreasonable minimum payout limits.

The good news is that Honeygain is a genuine form of passive income. You earn money by sharing your unused internet traffic with companies that need it to perform their tasks online. To add, you can collect 10% of daily earnings from your referred users. And if you need some help convincing them, here are some things you can say to persuade them to join the ever-growing Honeygainers community!

1. Installing the app is a piece of cake

Honeygain is beyond easy to install! True story. Simply head to our website, Apple App Store, or Samsung Galaxy Store to grab your own copy of Honeygain. Whereas, for home computers, follow the links applicable to your device on our home website. Once it is installed, the only thing left is to create an account. In short, your main argument is that it only takes a few clicks before Honeygain is up and running!

2. Connecting multiple devices offers significant earnings

The Honeygain app can be installed pretty much on any device! If you have old Android phones, smart TVs, or computers that aren’t being used, you could employ them to earn money for you. Make them work 24 hours a day all year long, instead of letting them occupy your drawers’ space. Ultimately, the more devices you connect, the higher your potential income will be!

3. Using Honeygain requires almost no effort from users

When it comes to using Honeygain, most of the effort is in installation and transferring the earned income to your PayPal account. With the Honeygain app, simply turn it on and off when you want to use it. The beauty of Honeygain is that you can let it run in the background. And, once you reach the minimum payout limit ($20), you’re ready to withdraw it and enjoy that free pocket money!

4. Honeygain is a real source of passive income

Generating passive income is pretty awesome! Why so? Well, because passive income feels a lot like getting free money because you don’t have to do much to earn it.

In the eyes of many, passive income involves investments or renting out goods that others may need or enjoy using. However, Honeygain tops it, as, after the initial setup, it requires zero effort to generate credits (a.k.a cash). Honeygain does it all for you!

The truth is that investments are a complicated matter for most people. Typically, they prove the adage that in order to make money you need to have money. In reality, not everyone has enough cash sitting around to drop into stocks, buy real estate, or toss into high yield savings accounts. What’s worse, except for the savings, the other options aren’t even guarantees!

So, Honeygain is an excellent solution because you don’t have to do anything. Just install the app on your devices and turn it on when you’re willing to share bandwidth. That’s all it takes! No brainer, right?

5. It’s helping companies to improve your products and services

Another tacit benefit is that companies utilize Honeygain’s crowdsourced proxyware network to improve products and services. And, when you think about it, who’s the real winner here? Well, it’s a win-win situation for all involved, but it directly benefits all consumers (including you). For example, check out how you being a part of the Honeygain community helps travel fare aggregator websites. Then, discover those further savings when you’re booking your next holiday through travel fare aggregators’ sites! That’s a mic drop kind of an argument, don’t you think?

6. Honeygain app’s interface is lovely!

The app is super user-friendly. Everything is intuitive, and the controls are straightforward to learn. Rest assured, the Honeygain team is continuously working to ensure the best experience for our users. Every piece of important information is clearly shown, and nothing gets hidden away. What’s more, we are always listening to suggestions from our community and already have some exciting new features lined up! So, if you are still struggling to convince your friends to join Honeygain, play the fear of missing out card! Because in 2020, we will only make the Honeygain app better, faster, and stronger!

7. It can generate enough free money to pay some bills!

Okay, so perhaps you won’t get super rich by only using the Honeygain app. Nevertheless, it still is a great side income project. A lot of users are already paying their monthly internet or mobile phone bills, thanks to accumulated earnings via Honeygain. To put this into perspective, think of this as an apartment. You may rent an apartment from someone but not need all the space. If you sublet one of your bedrooms to someone, you can charge them a larger portion and make back that money. This would allow you to use their money to lower your bills.

This is somewhat similar to Honeygain app by sub-letting your unused bandwidth. The difference is that, unlike subletting a room in an apartment, instead of just paying off part of the bill, this has the potential to pay off your entire bill each month!

8. They can make even more money for their referrals!

You already know this, which is why you’re talking to your friends about Honeygain. However, make sure to tell them that they can unlock further earnings by referring people to join Honeygain. Basically, they will accumulate 10% of their invited friends’ daily earnings. This means that the more people they get to sign up, the more money they will make, which exponentially increases the potential earnings via Honeygain!

So, invite your friends to Honeygain by sending them your referral link. Head to the Referral tab in your app, or the online dashboard, then copy your referral link and send it onward! It’s that easy.

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