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4 Ways to Make the Most with Honeygain

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you’re taking your first steps with Honeygain, it’s possible you don’t know about the multiple possibilities this money making app can offer.

Not only we’re ready to help you increase your earning potential, but this time we’ll share with you how to make the most with Honeygain (aka the revolutionary app of effortless passive income).

If you want to find out:

  • Whether you’ve had set up your app properly

  • How exactly does the referral system work

  • More about Content Delivery feature

  • Does the Internet speed matter and why...

…keep on reading, because you’re at the right place.

1. Set up the app properly

The setup process can take up to 3-5 minutes (on average), but it’s crucial you follow all the steps in order to start making money. And, yes, signing up is the first part, but it’s not the last. Let’s go through the steps together, so you can get to the payout quicker.

First, as mentioned before, you should create an account.

Sign up on our official page, so that you’d be taken to the Honeygain dashboard. There you’ll be able to see your progress on how much money you already have gathered from Honeygain. Your earnings will be updated automatically, depending on how much of your Internet data has been shared with our network.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the promo code. Don’t forget to redeem it when signing up as it isn’t possible to add it after the account has been created.

After you have your account ready, it’s time to download the app and install it on your device.  Download the right application, according to your device’s Operating System. Currently, you can choose from Android, Windows and macOS.

Done? Ok, great, we’re getting there. Then open the installer and follow the instructions. Read the Terms of Use and accept them.

When the installation is complete, log in to your account and make sure the app is running.

That’s it! You’ve just started to earn passive income with Honeygain! From time to time take a look to make sure Honeygain is on and enjoy effortless money.

2. Understanding the referral system

Do you love Honeygain app so much you want to share it with all your friends? If so, we’re not only happy to hear that, but wish to thank you for it too. That’s why we’ve introduced the referral system, so you can help your friends to earn extra money and earn some cash for yourself too.

How does it work?

To help you convince your friends to join the app, we’re giving away $5 for each new user you invite. The money is automatically claimed when the user signs up with your promo code or your referral link.

We truly appreciate your interest in Honeygain, so wouldn't it be great to get something for yourself as well? This is the reason we’ve created a possibility to earn 10% of each new user's earnings! Don’t worry, new users earnings won’t be affected, but you’ll get this additional bonus from us.

To make it clearer, let’s take an example: if your referee makes $10, you’ll get $1 from that 1 user. Simple as that.

The system will automatically update your earnings every day and you’ll be able to track the progress. Thus the more users will join the app with your referral link, the more $$$ you’ll be able to earn! Seize this opportunity and share the link you can find on your dashboard.

Need some help convincing them? Take a look at this blog post.

3. Content Delivery feature

Meet our newest feature: Content Delivery, or CD, the first new major enhancement for Honeygain in 2020.

But first things first, what is Content Delivery?

This feature is a bit different from Default Network Sharing, which was available on Honeygain since its inception. Instead of earning money depending on how much of your traffic is shared with Honeygain’s network, you earn credits for the minutes, hours or days when you have this feature “Active” (and not “In Queue”).

Bear in mind that it includes multiple types of bandwidth-intensive content such as images, videos, audio, streaming, heavy websites, IPTV, VOD, social media, or VoIP services, so it is worth noting that you can turn on Content Delivery feature ONLY on your computer and it isn’t compatible with Android devices. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Desktop devices usually have unlimited data plans or solely rely on a Wi-Fi connection

  2. Desktop devices have a more stable connection, which is a necessity for the Content Delivery feature

Currently, the feature is in Beta and available for the following countries: Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Germany, India, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Also, as we’ve mentioned on our Helpdesk, there is a limited number of devices that can share Internet bandwidth through Content Delivery at the same time. However, we’re working hard on introducing it worldwide and creating more spots, so it’s just a matter of time when everyone will be able to try it.

Now onto the most interesting part: how much you can earn with it?

Since the feature is in Beta, any desktop device that is connected to the Content Delivery’s Servers will receive 10 credits/hour, which is $ equate to $7.20/month, if Content Delivery is active for the whole period. 

Later on, users will be rewarded with 6 credits/hour, but all updates will be announced on our email, social media channels as well as Helpdesk.

4. Internet Speed

Honeygain app allows you to share your Internet connection with its network and pays you money for doing so. But, what if you have a slow Internet connection? Can you still make money with Honeygain?

First of all, let’s answer a question: why does your Internet speed matter in the first place?

As you might be aware, Honeygain’s network is used by various data scientists to conduct market research and collect important information like various texts or visuals. And with a slower Internet connection, it is harder to do so (not to mention a fact it takes much longer as well). So, with a slow Internet connection you can still make some money, however, you will make less than people, for instance, living within the same district as you, but having faster Internet speeds.

What’s exactly a slow internet connection? Let’s break it down.

There are 2 things you should know about the network speed:

  1. Latency (Ping), which shows the time frame in milliseconds or ms, of sending the information from one point to another. You can either measure it in one-way or as a round trip

  2. The data throughput (Speed), which shows the rate of how much data can be passed on during a conversation within a specific period of time. This kind of aspect is usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps)

Latency is considered the key aspect of Honeygain’s network or, in other words, it’s an essential part of running high quality analysis since researchers need to get their answers fast.

So, the higher the latency you have, the less traffic you can get.

Let’s take an example: if you have an Internet connection with a Ping rate of under 100 ms, you’ll be able to enjoy Honeygain at its fullest. On the other hand, if your Ping is above 1000 ms, bear in mind that the high quality analysis can’t be made with this kind of Internet connection and you shouldn’t expect much traffic in this case.

How about the data throughput (Speed)? If you’re already familiar with Honeygain, the easiest passive income app, you might know that it has 2 types of earning:

  1. Default Network Sharing

  2. Content Delivery

The 1st one does not require high bandwidth, but your network connection has to be stable with latency as low as possible. As a rule of thumb, devices with slow Internet (less than 1 Mbps) or unstable Internet connection won’t be used and you won’t be able to enjoy Honeygain app as others do. Nevertheless, Internet speeds of 100 Mbps is the maximum you can utilize for Default Network Sharing - anything over simply won’t benefit your earning potential.

The 2nd one, Content Delivery, due to the nature of this feature, requires at least 10 Mbps network speed.

What should you do if the Internet is too low?

  • Decrease the number of devices, connected to the Honeygain. If you have connected several devices to the Honeygain network, you should know that they will Increase Ping rate and Decrease the Speed. So, for the best earning potential, you will be better off with fewer devices per network

  • Put your device closer to your WiFi router

  • Make sure that you don’t have any software restrictions, which could interfere with Honeygain app


Honeygain is a great passive income source and by knowing all of its features and possibilities, you can easily make money as well as increase your earning potential.

The one thing that’s left for you to do today, is to take the advice, mentioned above, and enjoy your effortless passive income you earn with Honeygain!