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22 TikTokers to Follow for Beginner-Friendly Financial Tips in 2022

Updated: 2 days ago

50 years ago, books were the most popular way to study. 20 years ago, it was replaced by the internet and Wikipedia. These days, more and more young people look for information in what was originally thought to be an entertainment platform: TikTok. Chances are, you are also on TikTok – but did you know it’s also where you can get useful financial tips?

In 2021, TikTok is said to have welcomed its 1 billionth user. With so many creators and users, you can find all kinds of content on the platform – from elaborate dances to people raising frogs in kiddy pools. It’s hardly surprising educational videos have also gained popularity: they present useful information in bite-sized chunks and allow the user to learn something as they scroll, without ever getting the feeling of actually studying!

In this article, we’re presenting you with 10 TikTokers that share useful financial tips and help you shape better money habits, up your saving game, or learn to identify great passive income or investment opportunities. Some of them have over a million followers, and others are a lot less popular – nevertheless, they all have great ideas on earning and spending money smarter!

Carmen Perez (@makerealcents)


If anyone can teach you to form better money habits, it’s Carmen Perez. In three years, she got rid of $57,000 of debt and boosted her credit score – which means she’s tried all the financial tips she’s sharing on her TikTok firsthand. In her videos, you’ll find her explaining how to use the cash envelope system (using envelopes to divide budget categories), how to file your taxes, and how to invest – and there are some money-related funsies, too.

Nicole Victoria (@nobudgetbabe)


Despite starting to work at only 12 years old, successfully getting a degree (in two years instead of the usual four, by the way, saving her a ton of money!) and landing a corporate job, Nicole struggled with personal budgeting in the past. What got her was uncontrollable lifestyle inflation. Luckily, she got way better about spending money – and now, she’s got financial tips to share for days.

Poku Banks (@pokubanks)


Poku is a 20-year-old British student. Not only does he share a ton of financial tips that help teenagers and young adults get better money skills, but he also warns his followers to be careful, as social networks are full of fake experts and bad actors. He also takes up relevant financial trivia, such as why not some things in Poundland cost over £1 pound, or why renting can sometimes be a better choice than buying your own place.

Sharon Tseung (@sharontseung)


There are two kinds of financial tips you can find on Sharon’s profile – those that anyone, including students and even teenagers, can follow to get better with earning and spending money in their daily life, and those that you’ll find valuable if you’re looking for opportunities to boost your earnings via passive income. Sharon is a side hustle queen, and if you’ve got a little money to invest upfront, her tips on investing into cheap real estate are incredible.

Humphrey Yang (@humphreytalks)


With 2.7 million followers, Humphrey is probably one of the most popular finance gurus on TikTok right now. In the past, he worked as a consultant at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America’s investment and wealth management division), and now he’s a content creator with a goal of helping everyone get better money skills and become financially literate. On his TikTok, he tackles the money-related topics most people will find relevant, such as credit cards, mortgages, and even getting coffee from your local Starbucks.

Taylor Price (@pricelesstay)


In 2019, Taylor founded Tap Intuit – a financial literacy website focused on educating Gen Z. She strived to explain financial concepts in beginner-friendly terms, share ideas on side hustles that are easy to dive into, and teach young people about personal budgeting. Later, she moved her content to social networks, spiced it up with some jokes, and became one of the most loved financial content creators on TikTok with 1.2 million followers.

Ryan Francis (@themoneyceo)


Like tons of people worldwide, Ryan was not taught about spending money wisely at home or at school, and once he graduated college, he was left with a ton of student debt. Once he started educating himself on budgeting and gained better money skills, a lot of people turned to him for financial tips – which gave him an idea of starting a TikTok page. In it, Ryan now speaks about debt, savings, investing, and other concepts a lot of us might need some help grasping.

Vivian Tu (@yourrichbff)


Vivian used to work on Wall Street, but once she realized it’s not as rosy as it might seem to some, she switched careers. However, people continued to ask her for financial tips, and at one point, she just decided it’s easier to share them publicly on TikTok instead of answering the same questions over and over again! Just like the TikTok handle says, she talks to her followers as a friend, making it a point to educate them without talking down to them or patronizing – which makes getting better with money nearly effortless.

Valencia Higuera (@eyebvee)


Valencia has been a finance content creator way before TikTok became a thing. Her articles have been published on websites like Investopedia, GOBankingRates, and MyBankTracker! We believe the majority of watchers between the ages of 25 and 40 will find most of the topics Valencia covers in her TikTok videos – such as credit scores, debt, mortgage, managing your money as a couple, etc. – not just relatable but also genuinely useful.

John Eringman (@johnefinance)


John is actually one of the three voices behind the The Simple Money Guys Podcast (available on Apple Podcasts). Not only does he have an actual degree in Finance (from the University of Cincinnati), but he’s also passionate about educating others. John’s really unhappy with how the majority of high schools don’t offer any financial literacy classes, and offering free financial tips on TikTok is his supersmart way of approaching Gen Z.

Erin Elizabeth (@ecomera)


Erin has been successful at climbing the corporate ladder before she even turned 25 – however, as a mother of a young child, she decided to use the experience and knowledge she gained to dive into entrepreneurship where she could make her own hours and work as much as she actually wants to. Aside from financial tips and side hustle, Erin also shares some motivational videos and advice on marketing and creating your own content.

Mark Tilbury (@marktilbury)


Mark Tilbury is the embodiment of the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. On the outside, he’s a solid 50+ year old millionaire – which a lot of young people might get pretty hard to relate to, right? However, there’s a reason why Mark currently has over 7 million followers on TikTok – a platform that’s predominantly used by Gen Z. He’s youthful, he’s genuinely funny, and his financial tips are extremely relevant. You’ll never hear ‘Back in my day…’ from this guy!

Nicole Byrne (@mywallst)


Technically, this account belongs to MyWallSt Ltd – a company that offers digital financial services. However, it’s run by their content writer Nicole Byrne, and it has that personal touch that's often lacking in corporate social media accounts. Nicole teaches TikTok users about investing, so follow her if you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio, learning to choose the best stocks to invest in, or simply understanding why long-term investments are often a better choice than day trading.

Tori Dunlap (@herfirst100k)


Tori had a goal to save $100K – and she managed to do it by 25. It’s no wonder she’s got a ton of financial tips to share! What makes her videos different from most of the other ones you’ll find on TikTok is the feminist angle: she strives to help women around the world to gain financial freedom, obtain better money skills, and become independent. Aside from TikTok, she also offers financial literacy courses and sells a ton of fun feminist merch.

Nick Meyer (@nicktalksmoney)


Once you go to Nick’s profile, one of the first things you’ll notice in his bio is the fact that he’s a CTF (Certified Financial Planner) – which means he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to sharing financial tips. In his videos, he covers a ton of topics – from investing for teenagers to saving money on medical expenses and hotel stays. While some of his content will only be relevant to those in the US, there are also universal truths about earning and spending money!

Parii Bafna @pariibafna)


Parii first dove into the financial TikTok game with her boyfriend who she had a shared investment-themed account with, but later she decided to go solo. As a 20-year-old, she mostly shares financial tips for young adults and explains concepts like inflation, credit scores, and renter’s insurance. Parii also likes to share money lessons from the cult book Rich Dad Poor Dad – which is great for those who don’t really love personal finance books.

Michela Allocca (@breakyourbudget)


Just like Tori Dunlap, Michela managed to save $100,000 before was 26 – and she also earned a finance degree from Elon University. Once she graduated, she became a financial analyst and managed a variety of budget categories for various corporations. To sum it all up, she’s a great person to be giving out financial tips! As of now, her TikTok has 638K followers, but we have no doubt the numbers are still going to grow.

Seth Godwin (@seth.goodwin)


Seth started his TikTok when he was bored at home during the COVID-19 lockdown – and now, he’s got close to half a million followers. Aside from sharing financial tips, this guy also presents various news from the finance and investing worlds, such as Robin Hood’s data leak or AMC’s groundbreaking NFT promotion for Spider-Man: No Way Home. This makes Seth’s account interesting to both those yet to gain budgeting skills and those who have more experience and knowledge up their sleeve but wish to keep up with the times!

Jessica Spangler (@ecommjess)


Like Tori Dunlap, Jessica identifies as a financial feminist. While she hasn’t majored in finance or any related fields (Jessica’s got a doctorate in clinical pharmacy), she was always surprised to see just how many educated women around her had little idea about budgeting and finance. In time, this became the inspiration behind her TikTok. Not only does she explain everything from 401k to extended warranties, but she’s also eager to answer any questions her followers send her and educate them on money matters.

Chloe Elise (@deeperthanmoney)


TikTok watchers are not the only ones Chloe shares financial tips with – she also has a semi-weekly podcast called Deeper Than Money (available on Apple Podcasts) and offers online masterclasses, as well as some free resources. She’s a Certified Financial Coach and an entrepreneur who aims to make personal budgeting simple and manageable for 20- and 30-somethings like her.

Delyanne Barros (@delyannethemoneycoach)


Delyanne’s story is that of a real-life Cinderella: having entered the US from Brazil as an undocumented immigrant, she is now not only debt-free but also has a net worth of over $300,000. She’s also an avid champion of the FIRE movement, and if everything goes according to her plan, she should be able to retire by 45. Curious how she does it? Follow her on TikTok, where she shares financial tips multiple times per day!

Alex Fasulo (@alexfasulobiz)


Alex is a self-proclaimed side hustle queen: having quit her full-time job in PR six years ago, she now makes a living by freelancing on Fiverr where she mainly writes content like blog posts and e-books. She also sells a video course where she teaches everyone how to do this from step 1 – however, her TikTok is full of free financial tips, passive income ideas, and balancing multiple income streams. If you’re looking to start earning as a freelancer, this is the TikTok to follow!

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