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2020 Holidays' Gift Under $20 Guide by Honeygain

Updated: May 17, 2022

Honeygain Christmas gift guide

Can it be you still don't have your Christmas, Hanukkah, or other winter's holiday gift(s) ready? Even though this year was remarkably unusual for most of us, everyone is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with their beloved and close ones. Honeygain’s team would like to share some sweet ideas that can help you cheer up those around you – let’s discover what you could buy for Christmas 2020 with a single Honeygain payout!

Sometimes, picking and getting the right gift is not that easy – and price is far from the only issue you might encounter. However, Honeygain is here to help you by providing not just gift ideas but also a solution to buy them for free!

With Honeygain, you can effortlessly and safely earn money online by sharing your Internet connection. The entire process will take you minutes – just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Download Honeygain

  2. Use your device (computer, smartphone) like you usually do

  3. Get paid!

Christmas gifts by Honeygain

Gift ideas for Christmas 2020

You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress someone. When chosen right, low-cost gifts can sometimes be more valuable to your family and friends . Of course, it is important to know what they’re into: electronics, software, household items, jewelry, handmade crafts... The list goes on and on. Luckily, these days, virtually everything is available online! You can find incredible things for purchase on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Bespoke, and other e-commerce sites.

If you’re a Honeygainer, we've got great news for you: you can buy Christmas gifts using your Honeygain credits. You already know the minimum payout sum on Honeygain is $20 – now here’s a list of gift ideas that will cost you less!

  • Terracotta Hydroponic Grow Kit – $19.00

This elegant hydroponic grow kit allows your friend's plant to receive the exact amount of water it needs. All they need to do is set it up – and they’ll need to worry about overwatering your plants again.

  • Fred and Friends Sloth Tea Infuser – $9.99

If you know someone who’s a tea lover, then this gift will surely delight them. The cute sloth-shaped design makes it extremely appealing even to those who don’t drink a lot of tea.

  • Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Tree Ornament – $2.01

One of the most diverse types of gifts is Christmas tree ornaments. This gorgeous tree-shaped ornament is a perfect gift for someone in your family.

  • InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser – $14.99

By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil, your loved one will be able to change the room’s ambiance in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it’s deemed as one of the quietest diffusers out there.

  • Remote Control Flying Ball – $9.00

From young to old, everyone is looking for a cheap flying helicopter or a drone. Besides flying, this LED ball blends right in with the Christmas spirit.

  • PAVOI Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings – $13.25

Who doesn't like a little bling-bling with their holiday attire? Although small, the shiny zircons will light up the room, making them hardly unnoticeable.

  • Pet Portrait Necklace – $19.99

An solid gift for pet owners. The necklace can be engraved with their pet’s name and image!

  • Boho Wall Art Prints – $5.00

A set of 5 wall art prints that will brighten the room. These minimalist boho style prints are a foolproof gift idea for creative and artsy people.

  • “What I Love About You” Journal – $10.62

This book contains fill-in-the-blank lines making it an easy way to express your affection to anyone you love. Even though it’s a perfect gift for your significant other, you can give it to a friend or family member.

  • 100 Things To Do Bucket List Scratch Poster – $15.00

The 100 fun activities on this scratch-poster-bucket-list can be a fun New Year's resolution for daring and adventurous friends.

  • Video Games

Free games by Honeygain

Buying your gamer friends a video game will surely surprise them. The best thing is that Steam always has discounts around the holidays, and great games sell for really cheap!

On top of that, you can introduce them to Honeygain by giving them your referral link. Not only will they make a smart passive income while playing games, but they’ll also receive $5 when signing up, and you’ll get 10% from all their earnings.

  • Gift Cards

Free money Honeygain

If you’re not sure about what to buy someone, a gift card is much more appropriate than buying something they won’t use.

  • Amazon Gift Card In A Mini Envelope – $10

  • Xbox Gift Card – $15

  • Amazon Coins – $4.75

  • Steam Wallet Card – $5

  • Investments

Passive income investments

If you truly want to think outside the box, buying your friends or family stocks for $20 online can be a great gift : it's a fantastic start for passive income investments! This way, you’ll allow them to earn more in the future when they decide to sell their stocks. Discover more passive income ideas for 2021 now!

If you are crypto investor, read 👉 3 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency


We surely believe you will find the best gift! 🎁 Honeygainers, we wish you happy 2020 holidays! 🥳

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