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15 Ideas for Those Unsure Where to Spend Their Most Recent Honeygain Payout

Updated: 2 days ago

This is it: you finally have $20 or more in your Honeygain account, which makes you eligible for a payout. Congratulations! Be it your first or your fifty-first payout, it’s always exciting to see the money drop into your PayPal account or crypto wallet – especially if you barely had to lift a finger to earn them. Who doesn't love free money, after all?

Prefer not to invest time and effort into thinking where to spend your ka-ching? Honeygain can help you with that, too! We took a handful of tempting ideas, did some research, added some fun maths – and here you go: a list of 15 options on what a single Honeygain payout of $20 can get you in different parts of the world.

Online store

1. 1.54 months of Amazon Prime 📦

They say shopping online is like getting gifts from yourself – and making sure they arrive extra fast is the ultimate way to make the future you happy. It barely counts as a pick-me-up if it gets stuck in the post office for a week or two!

If you live in the US, you can enjoy Amazon Prime membership at the cost of $12.99 a month. This might have sounded like a luxury in 2005 when it was first introduced, but let’s face it: with the amount of online shopping most of us do these days, it’s a steal.

2. 3.81 Starbucks Venti Pumpkin Spice Lattes ☕

Out of all the seasonal drinks Starbucks makes, Pumpkin Spice Latte is probably the most popular – and for a good reason. For $5.25, you’re getting two shots of espresso plus steamed milk, pumpkin spices, sugar, and whipped cream... What’s not to love?

Takeaway coffee

If you’re seeking something way more exclusive, step out of Starbucks and look for kopi luwak coffee made from beans collected in the wild (as opposed to farming). You might need to save those payouts, though, as the bill for a single cup might easily reach $100.

3. 4.07 cans of Lyson disinfectant spray 😷

If you have developed a mild case of germaphobia during the pandemic, don’t worry. You’re not alone in this - and we don’t mean the billions of tiny bacteria around you. We’ve all grown to enjoy the smell of cleaning supplies. It’s comforting now.

A 19 oz (560 ml) bottle of Lysol disinfectant and antibacterial spray is currently available in Walmart for $4.92 – which means one Honeygain payout is more than enough to cover your whole house multiple times. No virus shall pass, and you can finally sleep safe and sound.

4. 3.34 issues of the People magazine 👀

It remains unclear why celebrities, influencers, and public figures are so wildly popular. Human beings are curious creatures. If someone speaks to someone when they think no one’s watching, there better be someone watching… and telling us all about it.

A price tag

A single issue of the People magazine is currently $5.99. Not into gossip? You can get National Geographic for the exact same price and catch up with more serious topics – but don’t blame us when you miss the latest news on the Royal Family!

5. 0.00018 of a private island 🏝️

If you grew up watching shows like Survivor, we have to warn you: tropical islands like those are usually worth millions. However, as of April 2021, the Gillis Island in Canada is up for sale for a meager $110,000 (which translates to $10,000 for an acre).

All jokes aside, you should remember that while Honeygain is an incredible way to earn money by doing virtually nothing, it won’t make you a millionaire or buy you an island that’s 30 minutes from Charlottetown… at least not on its own. We’re not saying it can’t help!

6. 0.99 (or 1.11!) ticket to Louvre 🖼️

If you’re a dame or a gentleman who appreciates science, history, or fine art, you might spend your earnings on a museum or gallery ticket. They’re usually not that expensive, and you can spend an entire day taking in the sights.

Of course, heading to see The Raft of Medusa at the Louvre will cost a bit more than a local ceramics exhibit. And yet, if you buy your ticket in advance, one payout will do: the price for a single ticket is €17 ($20.46) when purchased on the spot, but €15 ($18.05) online.

7. 9.26 bus rides in London 🇬🇧

Two types of vehicles are considered absolutely iconic when it comes to British transport: the black cabs and the red double-decker buses. And while the former is famous for its, ahem, exclusive prices, the latter welcome everyone for just £1.55, or $2.16.

If you want to make this many journeys in just one day, however, it’s way smarter to get a one-day bus pass for £4.65 ($6.48). With a single payout from Honeygain, you could get three of those – and still have enough left for some bubble gum.

An ice cream cone

8. 5.55 scoops of Italian gelato 🍨

If someone tells you they don’t like ice cream, you should brand them a liar for the rest of their lives – and gelato is basically ice cream leveled-up. Due to a difference in the churning process, it has less air, which results in a much bolder flavor.

Obviously, there’s no one set price for all gelatos in Italy, but €3 ($3.61) is considered an average for a non-overpriced cone of good quality gelato. Psst: you can never go wrong if you look for signs that say ‘gelato artigianale’!

9. 0.015 square foot in Manhattan 🏙️

While some American TV shows are more realistic than others, there’s one thing 99% of them get wrong: their characters tend to live in apartments whose location and size are absolutely incompatible with what they’d earn at the jobs they supposedly hold.

Real estate prices in New York are bonkers. The median home price in Manhattan is $1,372 per square foot – compare that to $118.91, which is the US median price of a square foot in a new single-family house! Needless to say, one Honeygain payout won’t help you much here.

10. 40mg of 24K edible gold 🤑

There is no way to feel richer than to literally eat gold. Well, maybe using banknotes to light your fireplace, but that’s just plain silly. Gold, on the other hand, makes for an incredible decoration on cakes, cocktails, and other uber-fancy treats.

A teeny-tiny 30mg packet of genuine 24 karat edible gold leaf flakes will cost you $14.99 on Amazon – and if you don’t want to simply eat them (they are tasteless, after all), you can use them for crafts, make-up, or anything your heart desires.

11. 0.57 online chess course ♟️

During the quarantine, the popularity of chess has risen noticeably. Some re-discovered it as an old hobby, some wanted to find a new passion, and some simply got hooked after watching The Queen’s Gambit. Whatever the reason, chess is a great exercise for the mind.

It’s always best to learn from the best, so if you’re looking for an online course, chess grandmaster Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko is offering two on Udemy for $24.99 each. Remember, some say chess is a miniature of life, so those tactics might come useful off the board, too!

12. 2.88 foamy bath bombs 🛀

A relaxing bath

Aside from earning passive income effortlessly with Honeygain, a lot of us also have jobs or studies that leave us spent at the end of the day – and what’s a better way to relax than running a hot bath topped with bubbles and the joys of aromatherapy?

Bath bombs are basically synonymous with Lush, don’t you think? While they do have different options, including limited edition ones that can cost over $10, you can get some nice ones for $6.95 each and seriously recharge before facing another challenging day.

13. 16.67 houses in Italy 🏠

Not quite what you expected to see on this list, right? And yet, it’s completely true: Castropignano, Taranto, Caprarica di Lecce, and Cinquefrondi are just some of the multiple villages and towns selling entire houses for €1 ($1.20) each… Where’s the catch, you ask?

It’s simple: these houses are far from luxurious palaces. Typically, they’re abandoned, dilapidated, and sometimes even downright dangerous to enter – and you can only purchase them for the symbolic price if you commit to finish major repairs in three years.

French fries

14. 5.32 Happy Meals 🍟

Did you know McDonald’s Happy Meals have been around for over four decades? Initially introduced in 1979, the little cardboard houses filled with fast food and limited edition toys are now iconic around the world – partly because of their incredible value for money.

While the price of a Happy Meal differs based on location, The Wall Street Journal states that its average cost in the US is now $3.76. Make sure you treat yourself with your next payout – because let’s face it, whether you’re 5 or 50, the excitement never goes away.

15. 0.0005 of a Tesla Model 3 🚗

We can all dream a little, can’t we? When we were kids, we played in make-believe Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but as the issue of global warming keeps getting more and more urgent, electric cars are all the hype – and Teslas are definitely at the top of the Most Desired list.

Starting at $38,190, Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla yet – however, the company plans to introduce a new $25,000 vehicle in 2023. In fact, this leaves you with more time to save those valuable payouts!

Credit card

And do you know what the best part is? A Honeygain payout is not a one-time deal. An average Honeygainer makes $15–20 in around a month’s time, so you better get used to receiving those payouts – and stock up on ideas!

Never Honeygained before? Get 🤩$5 FOR FREE 🤩by simply entering the coupon code 'sweetmoney' as you register, and be eligible for your first Honeygain payout way quicker!

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