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10 Things Honeygain Is Now More Popular Than

Updated: 2 days ago

Honeygain has recently celebrated its second birthday – and boy have we grown since the day of the launch! 🥳 Obviously, nobody on the entire world wide web knew Honeygain's name at first. As time went by, however, the message spread: our users recommended the app to their friends and family, discussions started in online communities, websites and videos introduced us to international crowds…

How did Honeygain get so popular so fast? There really is no secret: it's a free app that works on virtually any desktop or mobile and device, pays real money for barely lifting a finger, and doesn't require you to have any specific skills or tons of time. Moreover, it lets you earn from any corner of the world – and does it in a 100% ethical and safe way. What's not to love?

By now, curious people all around the world are googling Honeygain online thousands of times every day. According to Google Trends 📊 , it’s now searched more often than dozens of fascinating things… Let’s get to know some of them!

⚠️ Disclaimer: the data on Google Trends was checked on May 31st, 2021, using the exact keywords specified in the headings below and not their variations. The results are not country-specific but represent worldwide trends instead.

1. MOOC 🧑‍💻

MOOC stands for a massive open online course. We all wanted to become better versions of ourselves during the quarantine, right? Some succeeded in gaining new skills, some didn’t, but virtually everyone tried looking for opportunities to do so at one point or another. Nevertheless, with the improving lockdown situation (and, let’s face it, a realization we might not find the time for studying in the summer), people have been looking for a MOOC they’d like a lot less – and for the past month, Honeygain has taken the lead!

2. Strawberry Ice Cream 🍨

Honeygain does not experience any direct impact from the changing seasons: its popularity just keeps on growing!

Googlers clearly don’t care about the fact that summer is starting! Not only has Honeygain been googled more often than strawberry ice cream for the last six months, but it also just recently surpassed chocolate ice cream – which is an absolute favorite among various generations. On the other hand, it’s rather wise to guarantee yourself some smart passive income first and worry about buying treats later!

3. Instant Coffee ☕

When do we reach for instant coffee? In most cases, this happens when we need a lot of energy (read: caffeine) – and we need it fast. Surely, waking up has become a lot less of a nuisance now that the sun rises way earlier in the morning! Honeygain, on the other hand, does not experience any direct impact from the changing seasons: its popularity keeps on growing – and it surpassed instant coffee in March.

4. Travel deals ✈️

People worldwide have been looking for Honeygain more often than for travel deals for the last six months. Do you find it a bit surprising? We certainly do: even though some countries still have strict travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the situation is definitely improving. Moreover, some countries are missing tourists so much they’re even offering to cover the costs of their COVID-19 testing! However, lockdowns also meant income losses for millions – and it’s understandable they’re much more interested in earning than spending.

5. Wuthering Heights 📖

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë is an absolute classic: first issued in 1847, the novel has been translated into more than 60 languages and published in hundreds of editions worldwide. Nevertheless, not everyone’s a passionate reader – and we are yet to meet a person who doesn’t love free money! Since the beginning of March, the number of searches for Honeygain has been higher than that of Wuthering Heights – and the gap just keeps widening as time goes on.

6. Dog Beds 🐶

We all want our furry friends to feel cozy, right? And yet, by the end of April, Honeygain became a more-googled term than dog beds! Of course, it might have something to do with us and our pets spending more time outside once the weather warmed up – plus, the time we’re spending on those long walks can also be used for earning effortlessly: all we need to do is leave the Honeygain app running while we’re having our outdoor fun.

With Honeygain, you need neither technical background nor IT skill training: it might just be the only truly effortless way to earn passive income!

7. X Æ A-Xii 👶

If you just thought we just used a font your computer does not understand, rest assured: you’re seeing it right. In fact, it’s the name of Elon Musk’s one-year-old – probably one of the most famous infants worldwide at the moment! To be honest, the unique name probably adds to the popularity by quite a lot – and yet, for the entire last year, people have been googling Honeygain more often than X Æ A-Xii. Maybe the interest peaked at the time of announcing the name… or maybe people just can’t spell it right. And really, can you blame them?

8. Hopscotch 🏃‍♀️

This game has been (and still is!) a must-have at any playground for generations in various countries worldwide. It’s also the name of a classic novel by Julio Cortázar – and yet, whichever hopscotch Google users were looking for, their searches didn’t surpass the amount of those looking to Honeygain. Maybe everyone already knows the rules of hopscotch by heart? You’ll see learning to use Honeygain will take no time, either!

9. Chyawanprash 🇮🇳

If you’re Indian or simply interested in Indian or ayurvedic products, you are well aware of Chyawanprash. If you’re not, it can be described as a herby paste that’s full of various vitamins and nutrients but famous for having a rather specific taste. Its first mentions in writing date back to BC times, and Indians still sell tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Chyawanprash every year. However, if we look at the global population, Honeygain has been googled more often than Chyawanprash ever since the beginning of 2021!

10. AWS Cloud ☁️

Even though AWS is the absolute leader of the global cloud market, Honeygain left AWS cloud behind in terms of Google searches by the middle of April. A bit surprised? You shouldn’t be: while AWS is a lot more powerful as a technology, it’s also a lot more complicated. With Honeygain, on the other hand, you need neither technical background nor IT skill training: it might just be the only truly effortless way to earn passive income!

The world is getting to know Honeygain better each day – and if you haven’t started generating passive income with it yet, now’s the perfect time to do so. By clicking the button below, you’ll not only sign-up to the crowdsourced web intelligence network, but also receive a starting gift 🎁 – 5,000 Honeygain credits ($5)! 👇

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